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Woman Named ‘Siri’ Asks Apple CEO For A Macbook For All The Jokes Made On Her Name

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Shakespeare has mentioned a line in “Romeo and Juliet” that says “What’s in a name?” Of course, this seems to be the absolute truth, but there are many people in the world who do not agree with this statement.

Woman Named ‘Siri’ Asks Apple CEO For A Macbook For All The Jokes Made On Her Name credityatra

Here comes a woman named “Siri Hafso” who is quite upset that her name is being used on a large scale by Apple in the corporate world. The reason she shared this is that in 2011 Apple released its voice assistance software called “Siri” for its users. Unfortunately, since then, “Siri Hafso” has been surrounded by jokes and Siri trolls by her close people incessantly.

Raised her voice on Twitter

She has raised her voice on twitter regarding the indirect and unintentional violation by Apple. Also “Siri Hafso” is looking forward to claim some kind of compensation or justice for her suffering. She has already mailed a letter to the CEO of Apple Inc., mentioning that she could take a MacBook as compensation for her years of suffering.

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Siri Hafso has attached some screenshots on Twitter of her letter mailed to the CEO of the company, mentioning with the caption that “Hi  @Apple! I wrote a letter to your CEO. Can you spare a computer in return for years and YEARS of Siri jokes? #heysiri

Tweet Woman Named ‘Siri’ Asks Apple CEO For A Macbook For All The Jokes Made On Her Name credityatra

Some highlights of the letter

She had written her emotional incidents in the letter to CEO “Tim Cook” that once she used to shine with her impeccable and unique name. People used to be impressed and curious to know the origin as well as the meaning of her name, Siri. But now she used to have tons of weird vibes regarding her name like, “Siri? the iPhone ones! Let’s have some funny jokes coming straight from this lady.

She mentioned many such examples in her letter that now the importance of her name has not remained special. Everything is covered in a layer of “Hey Siri” jokes.

That letter written to the CEO of Apple was very detailed, she also wrote that she recently lost her job due to the pandemic. She eventually asked “Tim Cook” for a favor to gift her a MacBook on her birthday this June 29. Although she didn’t demand for any latest model, a decent MacBook will cheer her up.

Apple has not responded to it yet, but it will be great to see what reaction comes from the company in future.

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