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Oyo Rooms Answers Sexist Comments & Trolls On Social Media

OYO is quite economical to book a room in a hotel. The biggest reason for booking Oyo rooms is that they are comparatively cheaper than the rest of the hotels, they are not much in the booking process and they are present in most of the places.

Oyo Rooms Answers Sexist Comments & Trolls On Social Media credityatra

Customer asked – Will the girl be found with the room?

Oyo’s social media strictly handles the vulgar comments. Many memes and filthy jokes are shared. Because these rooms are couple friendly, trollers start writing vulgar things about girls and their bodies. Now read these comments carefully.

” Will I get this girl in the package?”
“Take the money but bring the girl?”
“I will book a room when I get a girl for free.”

This is much less if you look at the company’s social media account, there even more vulgar and embarrassing comments will appear.

Great response from OYO

On this topic, Mayur Hola wrote on behalf of the company in the Oyo blog that –

“We tried to report these comments. But social media platforms refuse to remove them, citing free speech. They meant to say, free speech means that we cannot show a woman who is breastfed, but can threaten rape. In such a situation, we decided to deal with it ourselves. Decided to expose their class in public. We are doing this every day.”

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This Trick Worked for Oyo

This Trick Worked for Oyo Oyo Rooms Answers Sexist Comments & Trolls On Social Media credityatra

Oyo has come up with tricks to bring these users to the table and on the line. Under this, Oyo now responds to objectionable comments on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram every day. Apparently, people who comment on this become a negative center of attention. So far, Oyo has given answers to more than 3500 people. After the reply, many trollers have also deleted their comments. At the same time, more than 300 people also apologized for their comments.

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Mayur Hola Writes- #ShowSomeRespect

“The thinking of about one person in the day is changing. And hopefully, he will not comment like this again in life. This is just the beginning. We have a long way to go. This is not a campaign or marketing program with a time boundation. But this is the right thing that we can and we will continue to do forever.”

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