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This engineer from Bangalore has made eco-friendly mask, which becomes a plant after use

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With the increasing outbreak of the corona virus epidemic, masks have become a permanent part of people’s lives all over the world today. In such a situation, there has been a tremendous increase in the production and use of masks in the past, although with the increasing use of masks, the rapidly spreading pollution through it has also attracted people’s attention.

This engineer from Bangalore has made eco-friendly mask, which becomes a plant after use credityatra

A Bangalore-based engineer has found a solution to this problem and has created a mask that is completely biodegradable and these masks themselves take the form of a plant after use.

Special ‘Seed Paper’

Roshan Rai is the founder of Seed Paper India and manufactures ‘Seed Paper’. This company works to convert old clothes into biodegradable paper and then seeds are artificially embedded in this paper. In such a situation, when the paper is used up, then it is sown on the ground. Simultaneously, the seeds embedded in biodegradable paper start sprouting.

Roshan usually uses cloth that is dumped by textile factories as garbage. These clothes are turned into biodegradable paper and then seeds of basil, marigold and other herbs are added to it.

Eco friendly product

The paper prepared in this way is more flexible and durable than ordinary paper. The paper is also used in the manufacture of cards. Once used, these papers can be easily buried in pots, where the seeds within it germinate with the addition of water.

Significantly, with this innovation, great success is being achieved in preventing pollution. While on the one hand, the waste of cloth is being saved from going into rivers and other water bodies, on the other hand the waste paper is also being used for growing plants.

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These special masks are effective

These masks are being manufactured from this special paper, which is proving to be helpful in dealing with increasing pollution. Talking to News18, Roshan has told that these special masks also give off fragrance, Along with this, after not being used, these masks completely rot in a few weeks after coming in contact with the ground and become helpful in the growth of the plant.

It is estimated that today more than 3 million masks are being dumped in the dustbin every day in the country. Biodegradable masks can prove to be effective in a big way to avoid this accumulation of garbage. Roshan today has orders from India as well as Canada, Mexico, America and many other countries. People are not only buying these special masks for themselves but they are also gifting them to their loved ones.

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