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Bajra crop grown in the Himalayas from the Ganges water made from melted snow; Export to Denmark

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To boost the export of organic products from the country, the first consignment of Bajra grown in Himalayas from the Ganges water made from melted snow in Devbhoomi, will be exported from Uttarakhand to Denmark.

Bajra crop grown in the Himalayas from the Ganges water credityatra

UKAPMB has purchased Bajra directly from these farmers, which are processed in a unit manufactured by Mandi Board and operated by Just Organic.

APEDA said, “Bajra is a wonderful crop of India which is in great demand in the global market. We will lay special emphasis on increasing the export of Bajra with special focus on products originating from Himalayas.”

He said that Indian organic products are gaining more demand in the overseas market due to their nutritional and health benefits.

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Bajra varieties form a major part of the diet in the hills of Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand government has been supporting organic farming. UKAPMB is supporting thousands of farmers to get organic certification through a unique initiative. These farmers mainly grow varieties of Bajra like ragi, barnyard millet, amaranth etc.

Bajra crop grown in the Himalayas from the Ganges water credityatra 1

The export of Bajra to Denmark will expand export opportunities to European countries. Thousands of farmers engaged in organic farming will also benefit from the export. Bajra is also gaining popularity very fast globally due to its high nutritional value and being gluten free.

Meanwhile, India’s exports of organic food products grew by 51 percent to Rs 7,078 crore as compared to the April-February period of the previous financial year (2019-20). On the basis of volume, the export of organic food products increased by 39 percent to 888,179 MT as compared to 638,998 MT in April-February (2019-20).

The growth in exports of organic products has been achieved despite the logistical and operational challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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