Starting Up a Business? Here Are 15 Things to Consider Before You Start-Up A Business

When a person makes up his mind that he has to do business now, then the first question that arises in his mind is what should he do before starting a business, in what way he can start a business, what things will be needed, etc. Similar questions often arise in his mind. So if you are also one of the same people, then you do not need to worry about it, we will tell you through this article, what you need to consider before you start a business and will also answer your frequently asked questions.

15 Things to Consider Before You Start-Up A Business credityatra

Benefits Of Starting A Business

Starting a business is an inspiring moment, especially when someone does it for the first time. Or those who want freedom from their 8 to 9 hours of office work, it also encourages them. In this, they could work on their business at any time according to themselves. They have no boss in this, which they have to report every day. Also, there is no fixed limit on how much profit they can get in it. Moving forward, what factors are to be considered while starting a business explain-

Things to Consider Before You Start-Up A Business

Here we are going to tell you about some such things, which you must consider before stepping into the world of business. Factors to consider before starting a business are mentioned below-

Type of Business

First of all, what is important to start a new business? You have to decide what kind of business you are thinking about doing. And what are you going to sell in your business. For this, you will have 3 options, service, merchandising or manufacturing. You have to choose one of these categories to start your business.

  • Service

In this you sell your time and expertise, such as professional event organizer, IT, marketing etc., or you can have hotels, salons, spas, transportation, etc.

  • Merchandising

In this you can choose a business like retail, wholesale, trading or distribution. In which goods are sold and bought. For example grocery and department stores, retail outlets, online resellers, etc.

  • Manufacturing

These are businesses that make it resalable using both raw material and some equipment together with employees. For example cars, gadgets, clothes, bags and daily essentials etc.

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Target Customer

Target Customer before starting any Business credityatra

Now you have a product or service to offer, with the help of which you can get into business. But still, if you have no customers, then it is not possible to run the business and sell your products or services. Again, the question arises, why do we need to know first the business opportunities before putting up a business? If you are planning to start any type of business, then you should know who you are selling to, before actually selling it. If its market is good, then study about it. Also, remember that if a product or service is for everyone, it could be profitable anyway.


It was recommended in many business events that the most important thing for your business is the location. Therefore, you should personally identify and see the best place for your business. This increases the number of your target customers and nearby people also supports you.

  • Lease, Repair and Renovation

If you take a place on rent, you have to pay for it. For this, those who own that place are required to deposit advance rent and security. It can be equal in 3 to 6 months on a monthly basis. With this, when you take a place on the rent, it does not mean that you have got everything according to you, you will have to spend to make that place according to yourself. Because usually in a rental place, some repairs and some improvements have to be made in it. If you also need to lease such kind of place, then it will be better if you add it to your business cost while planning.


Once you have decided what you have to sell, whom to sell and where to sell, then it is the turn of how you will do that business. For this you can choose one of the wholly owned, partnership or corporation for the formation of business.

  • Wholly Owned

This means that only the owner of your business will be you.

  • Partnership

In this, you share your business with someone else, who can be your partner. For this you will need at least 2 people.

  • Corporation

In this also you share your business with someone else who will be a stockholder. You need at least 5 people for the corporation.

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Capital Investment

Capital Investment before starting any Business credityatra

Capital investment means the value that is used to start and run your business. It can be either cash or non-cash. To know how much capital you need, for that you first prepare a list that you have to spend money in order to start and run a business. List of things needed to start a business, i.e. buying, repairing, lease, payment of assets, along with some other expenses for operating the business can also be included.

Get Proper Insurance

Insurance is also very important for doing any business. That is why it is necessary to contract insurance for your business. So that you will not have to face trouble later.

Requirement of Assets

To start a business, plan the assets that you will need to run the business. Some examples for this can be computers, appliances, furniture, vehicles, etc. For this, you need to plan, not just the product, but also your asset requirements and what it will cost..


Some identified potential suppliers will be required to produce/supply the goods or services you sell. You should also consider its price, location, reliability and time of operation etc.

Business Expenses

business expenses before starting any Business credityatra

You must make a list of all of them in advance, in which you will have to spend to run your business. It may usually include salary, rent, office supplies and utilities etc. Also consider the monthly cost of your business. This is a very important stage for your capital requirements. Because usually you have to keep monthly expenses in the form of capital for at least 6 months or 1 year.

Hiring person or outsourcer

One of the most difficult tasks for a business owner is to manage individuals. That is why there is a demand for outsourcing. When you start a business, you can definitely consider this option. If you think of hiring people, then you have to consider their salary and other government rules.

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Registration, License and Tax Identification

After you have considered your expenses and capital requirements, then before you start your business, you need to file your business name, incorporation, paperwork and obtain the necessary license and registration and tax information with the local municipality. Different things like that will be required. Many resources have been given for this. There is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for federal tax matters. In addition, local corporation commissions can assist any new business owner in meeting the regulatory requirements for each location in the country.

A bank account for business

You will have to open a separate bank account for your business. This will help you to keep your records easy. And especially if your business is sole proprietorship, then you will not have to mix your personal things in your business. You choose a bank that is accessible and available.

Marketing & Competition

Marketing and Competition before starting any Business credityatra

Your business is incomplete without marketing. Because marketing is one of those factors that shows why your business is successful and why it is unsuccessful. Hence, choose the right marketing platform for your business.

Apart from this, there is nothing wrong in having a little competition. Because on this basis you get an opportunity to come out with better product or service. Competition is an important step in how you want to win your customers. You should know everything about your competitor and his business. If you do not know how your competitor is progressing, you will not get success. So it is important that you know your market, know the competition, and also know how your company can be different from them.

Government Compliance

After this, one important thing that is often missed is to report to the government every month, 3 months and year. It is often seen that many businesses which are becoming more successful but if they do not comply with the government, then later they have to face problems like some government fines. Government compliance includes minimum filing, payment of tax and SSS contribution etc.

Accounting and Financial Analysis

When you start your business you have to make sure that you have a reliable accounting and financial reporting process. In other words, business record can be called accounting. So it is very important and it should be known what is happening in your business. For this, you should have a reliable accounting and financial reporting system.

So in this way, you get to know about all the things to consider before you start-up a business and get profit by operating it. Many people mention four things to consider before starting a business or 5 things to consider before starting a business, but we’ve mentioned all the important points gradually.


Q: How can I start my own business with no money?

Ans: If you are thinking of doing your own business with no money, then you must first ask yourself what you can do for free. Apart from this, you will have to save at least 6 months. You can borrow additional funds from your friends or family. Or you can also apply for a small business loan from the bank. There are also some factors to consider when setting up a small scale enterprise.

Q: Which business is best for earning money?

Ans: All businesses are good for earning money. You can do any type of business. It is entirely up to you what kind of business you have to do.

Q: How to make quick money from your business?

Ans: If you are thinking about starting your business and earning money quickly, then first you promote your business. Do its marketing both online and offline. You can also make a website for it. The more people know about your business, the sooner you will be able to earn money.

Q: How can I get a loan to start a business in India?

Ans: The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme has been created by the Government of India for businessmen, through which you can take a loan from the bank for your business.

Q: Is it necessary for small business to register as well?

Ans: Yes, business is small or big. You are required to register it legally because it proves that you are not doing any illegal work.