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How This Couple Left High Paying Job And Built Rs 15 Crore Revenue Women Clothing Startup

Anusha and Alok as a couple started a small online clothing brand in Noida with 4 machines and have grown to Rs 15 crore in three years.

It is said that there should be ten matches for marriage. Mindfulness is more important than anything else. The couple, Anusha-Alok is a perfect example of how not only home but also business ventures can be special if there is a mental harmony between the couple.

The Western clothing brand for women created by them has earned Rs 15 crore in three years.


Anusha Chandrasekhar is an IIM Raipur graduate. She is very interested in the fashion industry. Her dream is to create her own Western clothing brand for women.

Alok Paul studied in the same batch with Anusha. He is more involved in e-commerce.

The two launched the Western clothing brand Berrylush for Women in 2018 in Noida to make their dream come true. This online brand is involved in the D2C business.

They set up a small factory and started operating with four machines. They sell women’s clothing, tops, jumpsuits, skirts, etc. not only through sites like Myntra, Flipkart and Amazon but also through their own website.

The brand has sold more than three lakh units in two years. Its annual revenue has reached 15 crore rupees.

Business model

The struggling phase started when Anusha and Alok were both engaged in routine work. They bought clothes from the local market and sold them online. They first looked at how the market welcomes this.

Following the market response, Anusha’s father invested Rs 10 lakh in their Berrylush startup.

Anusha Chandrashekhar: “Before I started Berrylush, I had a well-paying job at Deloitte. I wanted to create a Western clothing brand for women. Popular brands are quality but expensive. The ones available at affordable prices are not quality. I have decided to fill the gap in the market and seize the opportunity, ”

While the biggest brands sell party wear for Rs 5,000, she wants to sell party designs with beautiful designs for less than Rs 1,000 with the same quality. The brand follows the Asset-light model with a D2C retail strategy. Anusha and Alok both sell party wear for a decent price.

Alok Paul: “We are operating in two locations in Noida. Operates an office and a factory. The factory has 120 machines. Myntra sells 55 percent of the products, 20 percent through our website, 10 percent through Ajio, and 15 percent through other sites. Our garments are sold directly to customers.”


Alok shared the challenges he faced in operating on a small scale.

Alok Paul: “Ours is a small company. We could place orders up to Rs 3 lakh from fabricators. Either the sample order shown to customers and the goods material will be different.”

Apart from this, the goods could not arrive from them at the stated time. Thus the brand has faced many problems.

These fabricators also supply other brands. Therefore, it is best to work with specialized fabricators during the boom period to address such issues. They also decided to make their own fabricators.

Anusha once approached someone from the Myntra site. This was the turning point in their business.

Alok Paul: “Until we met the Myntra person we were only selling on our site. He liked our designs. So even though it is a small brand, we were able to connect to the Myntra site.”

This is how the brand reached out to many. Berrylush increased sales and revenue. Production capacity also increased with 100 machines.

Berrylush received a non-performing loan of Rs. 2 crore and a bank loan of Rs. 2 crore with a property network. Anusha’s father also invested another Rs 20 lakh.

Alok Paul: “This investment has helped us to operate profitably. We sell our products with good profit. We are re-investing the revenue in the business.”

Market Status and Future Plans

According to Statista data for 2018, the Western clothing market for women is worth Rs 23,500 crore. This value is expected to reach Rs 62,500 crore by 2023.

The Berrylush brand is marketed and advertised online on a variety of channels, this brand started operating exclusively in specific markets.

Production is halted during the curfew but is expected to grow in the future.

Anusha Chandrashekhar: “Customers took photos of themselves at home in party attire and posted. There is hope that e-commerce will help them grow even better.”

The couple plans to grow in India and operate in countries including the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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