22 Year Old Girl Running Her Father’s Buffalo Farm Business And Earning 6 Lakhs Per Month Today!

“I would have been ashamed if I had refused to take on this responsibility for my family. Shame and retreat is something my father does not like …”

Nikoj is a village located at a distance of about 60 km from Ahmednagar in the state of Maharashtra. Shraddha Dhawan hails from this village.

22 Year Old Girl Running Her Father's Buffalo Farm Business credityatra

She says she had only one buffalo in his house in 1998 and now sells 450 liters of milk with 80 buffaloes.

His father, Satyavan, made a living with buffaloes during that period. Sold buffalo milk. The transferee was unable to sell milk for more than a stage due to physical problems.

girl running her father's buffalo farm business credityatra

It was in this situation that in 2011 he handed over the responsibility of milking and selling buffaloes to his daughter. Then everything turned upside down.

“My father could not ride a bike. My brother was too young to accept any responsibility. So, I accepted this responsibility when I was 11 years old. However it was very strange and unique. Because no woman in our village has done such work before, ”says Shraddha.

In the morning, when Shraddha’s classmates were on their way to school, he would ride his bike around the village to deliver milk to the dairy farms. Although this responsibility of his made education difficult, he was not ashamed that his classmates would take care of him.

With more than 80 buffaloes from the two-story building, Shraddha manages his father’s business well. This Dairy Farm Business Plan is the largest and newest barn in the district, run by a woman.

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Currently the economy of the Sharda family is also improving. They earn Rs 6 lakh a month using Shraddha Dhawan Dairy Farm.

“When my father handed over the responsibilities of the farm to me, the business started to grow. Buffaloes became part of the family. By 2013, a motorcycle was needed to carry large falcons. At that time, we had a dozen buffaloes and built a shed for buffaloes in the same year”, says Sharda.

22 Year Old Girl Running Her Father's Buffalo Farm Business credityatra

When she was in 10th class in 2015, Shraddha was selling 150 liters of milk a day.

“By 2016, we had about 45 buffaloes and we were running a steady business, earning Rs 3 lakh a month.”

I did this business a little ugly and reluctant at first. I have never seen a woman ride a bike to sell milk in my area; Do not know. However many from our village were proud and encouraged me.

It was their classic words that made me understand the beauty of my work. Increased my confidence. Initially the number of cattle had to face many challenges as it increased. Purchasing fodder for it greatly affected profits. Fodder prices increased in the summer.

Sometimes during shortages, we had only 5,000-10,000 rupees left for monthly expenses and we would clean our shed twice a day. We also subject all animals to regular health checks.

“If there is a calcium deficiency or any other health problem we will pay extra attention to the diet for buffaloes.”

22 year old girl earning 6 lakhs per month credityatra

Since 80 buffaloes are on the farm, we sell about 450 liters of milk a day . In 2019, we built a second site for raising animals. I just finished my physics degree in our village.

“I don’t regret not being able to go to the big cities for opportunities. I overcame all the fears I did not feel humbled. I would not have tasted success if I had stepped down from that responsibility that day, ”Shraddha said.

I would have been ashamed if I had refused to take on this responsibility for my family. Shame and retreat is something my dad doesn’t like. Inspired by his sister, his brother Karthik has a degree in animal husbandry”, she says.

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Shraddha is currently pursuing a Masters in Physics. He is also a lecturer and conducts lessons for students online.