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This Auto Driver Has Website And App, Auto Swipe Machine, Everything From iPad To WiFi Is Available

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After traveling in an autorickshaw, you will hardly be able to remember this experience, but if you travel in a special auto in Chennai, then surely you will not be able to forget this experience for the rest of your life. This highly exclusive auto is equipped with features that might give you a glimpse of the autorickshaw of the future.

Auto Driver From Chennai Believes He Has The Best Job credityatra 3

The facilities available in this unique auto are so much that you can easily compare the journey done in this auto with the travel done in a luxury vehicle.

Known as ‘Auto Anna’

The owner of this particular auto, is also the driver of this auto, he sees it as his passion. The smile on his clients’ faces and the feeling of satisfaction after the trip is over, is everything to him.

Auto Driver From Chennai Believes He Has The Best Job credityatra 2


The facilities that a passenger gets in this auto are really praiseworthy. The autorickshaw also has magazines, newspapers, Wi-Fi, laptop, tablet, iPad Pro, Alexa, fridge and TV to serve the passengers. Not only this, if you want to pay the passenger fare through your credit or debit card, then there is a swipe machine in the auto as well as UPI.

Due to this very special auto, Annadurai is also called the most popular auto driver of Chennai and people within Chennai also know him as ‘Auto Anna’.

There is also website and app

Although Annadurai could not take his education much further and had to drop out of school only after the eighth, but Annadurai speaks Tamil and Hindi language as well as fluent English. Annadurai calls his passion to serve the people.

Auto Driver From Chennai Believes He Has The Best Job credityatra 1

Annadurai is probably the first autorickshaw driver in India to have his own website. Annadurai’s website address is ‘‘, along with this he has also made his own app. As an autorickshaw driver, Annadurai offers all these facilities to his passengers as well as something that he considers essential for all. According to Annadurai, he assures respect and safety to the passengers traveling with him.

Also popular in abroad

Apart from being a successful auto driver on the strength of his dedication and hard work, Annadurai is also a motivational speaker and corporate trainer. Annadurai has so far delivered speeches in more than 40 colleges across the country, so far Annadurai has also been a TEDx speaker 8 times. Annadurai is very popular in India as well as abroad. Today Annadurai has over 18000 followers on Facebook and more than 1300 on Twitter.

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Annadurai is moving ahead with the thinking of giving back his service to the society and now he wants to carry forward his efforts for the education of needy children, along with this he also wants to arrange housing for the helpless old people.

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