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This Special Restaurant Of Goa Is Floating On The Water, The Center Of Attraction For The Tourists

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Eating a restaurant food in India is still seen as a luxury, but it becomes even more special if your restaurant is floating on the water. There is one such restaurant in Goa which people know as floating restaurant. People come here and enjoy their food by sitting in the middle of the water with great views.

This special restaurant of Goa is floating on the water, the center of attraction for the tourists credityatra

This special restaurant named Watermark has been a special center of attraction among the tourists in Goa for a long time and this is the reason why people visiting Goa definitely want to add a unique experience by eating at this restaurant once. It is known that tourism contributes a lot to Goa’s revenue.

Watermark Restaurant

This very special restaurant named Watermark floating above the water is located in Panaji city of Goa. Watermark is also known as Goa’s first floating restaurant. This special restaurant, which looks normal from the inside, is actually built on top of a boat.

Goa has always been a special tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists in India, now Watermark is becoming an integral part of this tourism sector of Goa.

This special restaurant of Goa is floating on the water, the center of attraction for the tourists credityatra 1

Full care of guests

Goa is generally considered the most suitable place to visit, where you get all possible options for food as well as drink. Watermark also offers a variety of delicacies to the tourists as well as a variety of soft drinks and imported hard drinks. It is worth noting that the food menu here is also curated according to the special occasions, which makes the experience even more special for the tourists.

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If the guests want to take a walk after being filled with food, then the arrangement for this is already present in the Watermark. The dance floor within the restaurant and the DJ always ready to serve you.

View wins the hearts of tourists

After eating and drinking, you can also enjoy a great view by sitting in this restaurant. Most of the youth are seen coming to this restaurant, but there is also a suitable place and service to take the whole family. The bridge view of Atal Setu from Watermark Restaurant is very captivating which looks even more beautiful when lit up at night.

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