This person has made a water purifier worth Rs 20, makes very dirty water instantly clean enough to drink

Today, the problem of clean potable water is troubling the people on a large scale in all parts of the country. Sometimes the life of the people living in the area becomes difficult due to the dirty and smelly water. Along with this, some people do use water purifiers to solve this problem, but their cost is so high at the moment that not everyone can easily install it at their home.

This person has made a water purifier worth Rs 20 credityatra

Solving this problem, a person has created such a water purifier that not only completely cleans the water and makes it drinkable, but it is also convenient for everyone in terms of cost.

20 rupees water purifier

Niranjan Kargi, who built this special water purifier, was in his fourth year of engineering when he once saw some thirsty school children drinking extremely dirty water. Taking this seriously, Niranjan started his research on it, although then Niranjan was able to find solutions but none of them were cheap from the point of view of common people.

To overcome this problem, Niranjan decided to manufacture a water purifier himself. The design of this water purifier has been kept very simple and to purify the water, activated carbon and a special substance have also been used in the water purifier, which Niranjan has kept secret.

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Niranjan has named this water purifier as Niranal and possibly the cheapest water purifier in the world, priced at just Rs 20.

Very small size

The size of this water purifier is so small that it can be easily carried in a pant pocket. To clean the water through Niranal, it has to be installed in the upper end of the water bottle cap.

About 300 liters of water can be cleaned through Niranal. Niranjan claims that this special water purifier of his eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria from dirty water and converts it into purified water instantly.