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Car parking space sold in Hong Kong for Rs 9 crore

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Today all the luxury cars are such that their cost is more than Rs 10 crores, but you will be surprised to know that in some places parking space is also so expensive that it could compete the price of that car.

Car parking space sold in Hong Kong for Rs 9 crore credityatra

Recently, a similar case has come to light from Hong Kong, where a parking space was sold but its price caught the attention of the world.

World’s most expensive parking

According to the South China Morning Post, this parking space has been sold at a recorded price of 9 crore in a very posh area of ​​Hong Kong. The price of this parking sold in Peak’s Mount Nicholson Road is being said to be $ 1.3 million. According to this, the price per square foot of this parking space was kept at about 74,350 dollars.

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Seeing this price of parking space, you must have got an idea that residential houses in Hong Kong are also more expensive than the limit.

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