This boy left UPSC preparation to sell tea, took business to 65 cities

Anubhav Dubey was preparing for the UPSC exam to become an IAS, but then he left this preparation incomplete in the middle to sell tea.

This boy left UPSC preparation to sell tea, took business to 65 cities credityatra

When Anubhav was 21 years old, he wanted to serve the country by fulfilling his family’s dream to become an IAS officer and for this he was also preparing for UPSC exam. Talking about this, Anubhav told in an interview that who does not like the prestige that comes with the job of an IAS officer, although by that time he wanted to become an entrepreneur along with an IAS officer.

Get along with a friend

When Anubhav was busy preparing for UPSC, he got a call from a close friend of his, Anand Nayak, and on that call, they discussed a business plan they had made together many years ago. It was only after this call that a lot changed for Anubhav and he finally decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Anubhav along with his friend Anand actually wanted to sell tea. Talking about this, Anubhav says that he knew that the market for tea is huge and for most people the day starts with their first tea.

Savings money invested

Initially, regarding this business plan, Anubhav and his friend decided that they would make students their target customers. The business was started with an investment of Rs 3 lakh, which was raised by Anand Nayak through his first garment business.

In the early days, it was very important for both of them to move fast as they had very limited capital. Anubhav and Anand focused on marketing their business to solve this problem and they started getting positive results soon.

This boy left UPSC preparation to sell tea, took business to 65 cities credityatra 1

Better customer experience

While this tea of ​​experience started leaving everyone behind in terms of quality, the price of tea remained only 7 to 10 rupees. Describing the necessity of tea, Anubhav emphasizes that the price of tea should not exceed Rs.10.

Along with this, both have also worked a lot for better customer experience. In the Chai-Sutta Bar, tea is served in a kulhad, while better arrangements have been made for the seating of the customers. Keeping in mind the service of the customers in this special tea shop, good music has also been arranged with cleanliness and better staff.

The staff working at Chai-Sutta Bar belong to the class that is most in need of work and respect. The people working in the bar belong to the handicapped class and poor section.

Outlets opened across the country

Talking about his ‘Chai-Sutta Bar’, Anubhav told that tea was his product but ‘Sutta’ with it sounded quite catchy and that is why he named it ‘Chai-Sutta’ Cafe.

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Talking about his father, Anubhav tells that his father came to know after opening his third shop that he had left UPSC preparation, but after this his father supported him in every way and also gave his suggestions in growing the business. Today Chai-Sutta Bar has more than 135 outlets in 65 cities of the country.