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These 20 Fun Facts and Hidden Features Of Google Will Surprise You!

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Google is the largest search engine in the world today and Google knows more about us than our family. Many people think that the Internet means Google. But ho did Google get so popular? How old is Google? All of these things are going to be found in fun facts about Google.

Fun Facts About Google You Didn’t Know credityatra

Strange & Interesting Facts About Google

1. Google was started in 1996, but it was founded in 1998, in this way, Google is almost 24 years old today.

2. If someone who is working in google dies, then Google pays half of his salary to his family for 10 years.

3. You will be very surprised to know that out of all the employees working in Google company, 15% are employees who have never been to college i.e. they do not have any college degree.

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4. Since 2010 google is buying about one company every week.

5. Do you know how Google map tells you how much traffic is there, Google map tracks the speed of Android device at that place.

6. You will be very surprised to know that every week more than 20000 people apply for jobs in google.

7. Google earns about 1,80,000 rupees every second.

8. In 2005, google started Google Earth and Google Map.

9. In 2006, google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. Today 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month on YouTube.

10. At present, Google has around 70 offices in the entire world.

11. Do you know when Google was created, after some time the company thought of selling it to Yahoo, which was the number one company at that time, but fortunately Yahoo turned down.

12. Google bought the Android company in 2005 and today the Android system is so popular that about 80 percent of smartphones run from Android.

13. Google has placed 200 goats in its Head Office so that they can cut all the grass. He did not keep a machine for cutting grass because people face trouble while working with that noise.

15. There are more than 65 thousand searches on google every second.

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16. If you wanted to write but you mistakenly wrote or, do not panic because Google is the owner of all the names. Google owns all the domains that match its name.

17. Google’s main source of earnings is Adsense which generates 90% of its total revenue.

18. Searching on Google is done about 70000 times every second.

19. Google bought the world’s largest video sharing site i.e. YouTube in 2006.

20. Google’s search engine is of 100 million gigabytes and this is so big data that to save so much data you will need 1 lakh drives of 1 terabyte.

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