30-Year-Old Man Buys Google Argentina’s LIVE Domain For Just ₹200

On the night of April 22, the networks were revolutionized because an Argentine became the owner of Google’s local domain for a short time. The news gained more speed and significance when it was get to knew that Nicolas Kurona had done it legally, by buying the local domain of the technological giant ‘Google’ on a National Government platform (NIC.AR).

30-Year-Old Man Buys Google Argentina’s Domain For Just ₹200 credityatra

Did Google Argentina forget to renew google.com.ar? A user seized the opportunity!

I want to clarify that I entered Nic Argentina Website and saw the name of Google.com.ar available and I legally bought it as appropriate!” The young man assured on Twitter that he smoothly purchased the domain, along with the security protocols of the North American multinational.

Within an hour, this became the popular tweet that mocked Google and went from 50,000 to 100,000 likes, along with 10,000 Retweets and 4,000 similar Tweets. And the most important thing is that the young man continues to be a trend in the networks.

The activity of this young man on the Twitter is not frequent and it is hardly possible to find anything on his twitter account before this incident. Similarly, there was nothing in his daily life that had such an impact on social networks. But the magnitude of what he did launched him into Twitter trends and stories.

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What happened to Google Argentina?

30-Year-Old Man Buys Google Argentina’s Domain credityatra

While Nicolas Kurona became the owner of Google.com.ar, it was impossible to access the Argentine version of Google’s website. This young man made the purchase on April 21, and had extended it until the same day in 2022. But later the Argentine version of Google was restored and their site became active again.

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The Argentine account that belongs to Google, stated that the Google license had not expired. Several arguments were made that had quickly spread through the networks to justify the purchase of the domain in Argentina.

Google.com.ar was not expired or close to expire. It usually expires in July. Until this morning it was in the name of Google. Someone transferred it or something strange happened.” They responded to a tweet that spoke of the tech giant’s license had expired.

It is still unknown why Google lost its domain of Argentina to a young man who found the availability and bought it. The truth is that Nicolas Kurona is having many approaches through social networks and in fact today he must be enjoying his fame.