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Leaving a good paying job, today she is building mud houses, she is on a big mission for the environment

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Shagun Singh, who has always been a priority for the environment, quit her high-paying corporate job to build mud houses. Shagun told in one of her interviews that she wanted to do something new, something so that she could contribute for the betterment of society, environment, earth and herself.

Leaving a good paying job, today she is building mud houses credityatra

After working in the corporate office for many years, Shagun experienced a gap in his life and recognizing this, she left that corporate job in the year 2015. After leaving the job, Shagun shifted from Delhi to Uttarakhand with this purpose.

Started ‘Geeli Mitti Foundation’

According to Shagun, after this she started learning many new skills, including farming. Along with this, she also started serving as a volunteer in many other places. During this time, Shagun also started learning to build mud houses with the help of natural resources.

A year later, Shagun established the Geeti Mitti Foundation in Uttarakhand. According to Shagun, her family was initially very surprised by her move, but she was solid on her intentions that led her to be succeeding today.

Breaking myths and revealing techniques

As part of the foundation, Shagun and his team started building mud houses at Geeli Mitti Farms in Pangot. To build these special houses, Shagun chose the Cobb technique, under which a mixture of soil, water, cow dung and wood is used as the basic in the construction of the house.

Leaving a good paying job, today she is building mud houses credityatra 1

According to Shagun, these houses made of mud have the ability to absorb heat for a very long time, but many times most people do not understand this.

Lime is used to paint mud houses and with this the houses can be painted in any color of their choice. Shagun and his team have worked on more than 16 projects so far which include building cottages for tourists, animal shelters and schools.

Regarding all the myths associated with the construction of these mud houses, Shagun believes that it is just a senseless excuse that houses made of mud and lime are for the poor. According to the Shagun, she has made these mud houses so beautiful that anyone would like to live in them. Along with this, Geeli Mitti Foundation also works for women empowerment.

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Had to sell house and car

With the beginning of this work, Shagun had to face many challenges in which buying land, starting an NGO, joining the regional people in this work of house construction, all these were in front of him like a challenge. With all this, it has not been easy to arrange money for Shagun for this. She had to sell his house and car for this, as well as withdraw all his savings from his bank account.

Shagun also organizes workshops for the construction of such houses for the youth today. The financial support from the workshop helps them to continue the foundation.

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