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Saloon department badly affected by Lockdown: Will it recover from the loss?

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Saloon shops are the first to be closed by the plague, as well as the last to open. Although many departments have been affected by the curfew, it is the saloon shops that have suffered the most.

Saloon department badly affected by Lockdown credityatra 1

If on average we go to the salon 12 times a year then during the lockdown period we go to the saloon significantly less. Very simple business model, an average income of 7 or 8 lakh rupees per shop. But all this was before the corona arrived. This industry can never recover the lost income during this period.

Customer attendance at the saloon has been low since the government announced the lockdown in late March last year. The first income since Lockdown was announced zero.

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At this point, the rental shops also had a challenging situation to deal. It is very difficult to spend days in an environment where there is little or no income.

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