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ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online – Opening Procedure, Forms and Latest Offers

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Demat Account with ShareKhan

ShareKhan offers a 2-in-1 account which includes a Demat and a Trading account. a Demat account that includes distinct characteristics such as trading platform, tools, and customer service for basic to advance customers. if you are about to start your journey in investing in shares and tradings then read this article carefully.

What is The Demat Account?

The term Demat Account is also known as a de-materialized account. This account gives you the facilities for holding shares and securities in an electronic form. It’s registered with NSDL or CDSL

This digital online platform helps investors to trade easily to buy and sell online trading, shares, and store all these types of securities in their electronic format.

ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online
ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online

You can choose to open a Demat account with their chosen brokers.


1.Regular Demat Account.

2.Repatriable Demat Account.

3.Non- repatriable Demat Account.

You can understand this way as well like a bank is for your money, a Demat Account is for your electronic securities.

Why You Should Choose Demat Account With ShareKhan?

Sharekhan Demat Account is the primary service that is provided by this Pan India-based share brokerage house of the various offers it provides to the clients and the range of facilities.

  1. The Sharekhan Demat account is linked to the NSDL as well to the CDSL.
  2. The Sharekhan Demat account is linked to the trading account provided by the firm and also with the client’s bank account.
  3. It’s the most advanced prepaid trading plan for all customers that helps to reduce brokerage fees significantly as you trade more.
  4. You can get 20 Years of experience in the brokerage industry.
  5. You can get Strong PAN India accessibility with 3200 branch offices and franchises across 575 cities.

Feature Of ShareKhan Demat Account.

  1. You will get premier stock brokerage house Sharekhan for facilitating the trading activity of traders and investors.
  2. You Demat Account Prevent the risk of loss and damage of securities, also reducing the incidences of forgery and theft of paper securities.
  3. This Demat Account allows you their investments, transaction history, statement of holdings at the click of a button.
  4. You get the benefits of seamless buying, selling, and storage of shares online.
  5. You will get uninterrupted trade-in equity investments with intra-day trading through online platforms.
  6. This helps saves energy and time for quick Investors’ personal details linked to every company stock and share can be changed through a single Demat account.
  7. There will be no restrictions on the selling of shares. It allows investors to sell shares even in odd lots.
  8. You will get all ranges of securities, shares, stocks, funds, and much more just with the click of your choice.
ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online
ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online

Benefits Of ShareKhan Demat Account.

1- You will pay no charges for the DP transactions on the Sharekhan Demat account. It means shares can be transferred free of cost from the DP account of Sharekhan.

2- You can trade different types of trade equities or commodities.

3- In this, you can easily diversify your investments across segments using the Sharekhan Trading account.

4- Provide All Kinds of reports.

Eligibility of Demat Account.

You have to submit given below documents to opening a Sharekhan account online or offline.

  1. Pan card copy.
  2. Proof of residence documents likes a copy of aadhaar card, ration card, passport, driving license, bank statement, etc
  3. Bank Account PassBook- cheque leaf with name printed on it or 2 copies of passbook first page & latest transaction entry or latest bank statement.
  4. You have required the latest passport size photograph – 2 copies.

How to Open ShareKhan Demat Account?

You choose to apply in both Online and offline mode.

Online Mode

  1. You first Click the given below link.

2.You have to enter your correct, WhatsApp number, email ID, and Name.

  1. Sharekhan Executive will contact you for Further Procedures.
  2. Sharekhan Executive guide about the Required Documents, Signup, and Other Required Details.
  3. You will get your Account with your Permission within 24 hours.
  4. This Demat Account is Free Of AMC Charges and You need not pay zero BROKERAGE charges.
  5. You can Contact the Executives who will be contacting you for any assistance.

Offline Mode

Offline way to open your account.

You can visit your nearest Local offices (branch, sub-brokers, and franchisee) with mentioned documents.

You can call on this number 022 6115 1111.

Charge for ShareKhan Demat Account.

  1. Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) is free.
  2. Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) is free.
  3. Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) is free.
  4. Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) is 400/- (Free for 1st year).

Trading Account opening fees for Classic Account is Rs 750.  Tiger, Trade account is Rs 1000.

ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online
ShareKhan Demat and Trading Account Open Online

What is the difference between a Trading and Demat account?

A Demat account holds securities and certificates of stocks, shares, etc. electronically while the Trading account lets you buy or sell those securities in the stock market.

  1. Is this Sharekhan a Discount Broker or Full- Services provider?

This is an absolute full-service broker provider with a wide range of services including portfolio management services, retail trading, investment, mutual funds,  and much more, etc. Its a member BSE, NSE, MCX, CDSL, and NSDL.

  1. Is This Sharekhan a listed company?

Initially started in 2000 as a private limited company now runs as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe.

  1. Is the sharekhan a good option for trading?

Yes. Sharekhan provides trading services in equity, commodity, currency, and derivatives.

  1. Is this a Sharekhan as your brokerage company?

Sharekhan is good for trading for the following types of investors.

  1. What are the Flexi Invest facilities of Sharekhan?
  2. It provides the flexibility to change the SIP amount without changing the electronic clearing system (ECS) fee every month.
  3. Flexi investment saves a lengthy process the ecs.
  4. What are the web application of Sharekhan?

The online trading services are the following platforms

1-Sharekhan App (Mobile Trading)

2-Sharekhan Website (Website Trading)

3-TradeTiger (Trading Terminal)

  1. How can I get knowledge of the Sharekhan classroom?

Sharekhan provides various financial education resources to its customers through the free online program for stock market training. when you take the services of sharekhan registration. the joining credentials to get access to the module you will get.

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