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Domino’s is Launching a Pizza Delivery Robot Car and This Is A New Wow!

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The importance of robots is increasing day by day in our lives. Nowadays robots are being used to meet many everyday needs with defense and automation. Now, many companies are also using robots for home delivery. Recently Domino’s has started using robots for pizza delivery.

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Domino’s started pizza delivery via robots in the city of Houston, Texas. The company is using Neuro R2 automatic robot for delivery which is seamlessly delivering pizza to the customer.

After ordering pizza from customers, the company gives them a PIN through SMS. After the robot reaches the location, the customer has to enter the PIN on the robot’s screen after which the robot delivers the pizza to the customer. Customers can also track this robot on their smartphones.

This robot can run at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The company has acquired a license for commercial use of this robot in the US and has also been declared safe for the road by the government.

Many robots, sensors and radars have been installed in this robot so that it can detect vehicles moving around it. This robot also specializes in detecting people on foot. This robot can detect many things on the road and can determine its route as per the requirement.

Not only this, the robot can also detect an alternate road if it gets stuck in traffic or the road gets bad. Domino’s reported that the robot is currently in the testing phase.

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The company will expand the field of robot delivery according to customer feedback. Domino’s stated that this robot provides an affordable option to meet the increasing delivery demand.

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