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Homegrown App Koo Founders Are Welcoming Actress Kangana Ranaut After She Was Banned From Twitter

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When Twitter took action on Kangana Ranaut, the home-grown app Koo has come out in support of Kangana. On Tuesday, Koo’s co-founder and CEO Radhakrishna shared a snap of Kangana’s first Koo post via the social media platform.

Kangana was welcomed in Koo

Kangana Ranaut wrote in her first Koo post, ‘Koo is like her home.’ This post has been shared by Koo CEO ‘Aprameya Radhakrishna’ and has justified that her fans are very happy with Kangana’s reception on Koo.

Fans are very happy with Kangana’s return

Kangana Ranaut has been active on the Koo app along with Twitter for a long time. But Kangana’s fans are happy to know that even though she is banned on Twitter, they can still stay connected with the actress through Koo. 

Kangana has over 450K followers on social media platforms. The actress joined this social media platform only after Koo was launched. On which she has also shared many posts, which shows that the actress is very active on this social media platform too.

CEO of ‘Koo’ welcomed Kangana:

The CEO and co-founder of Koo App Aprameya Radhakrishna has welcomed the actress on its platform. CEO of Koo App and Founder Aprameya shared a screenshot of Kangana Ranaut’s Koo post on the handle, writing, “This is Kangana Ranaut’s first Koo. She was right that Koo is like her house and everything else is rented”. Kangana mentioned, “Absolutely true”.

Actress Kangana Ranaut wrote the first post on ‘Koo’, “Hello everyone … Working Nights, it’s a lunch break for the raging crew. Why not koo now. It’s a new place and it will take some time to get recognized.

Why was Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account canceled?

There were several such incidents,  but after Kangana’s rhetoric on Mamata Banerjee in the Bengal election results, her Twitter account has been banned, Kangana tweeted and used offensive words for Mamata Banerjee and tried her best to start a Bengal riot.

Now his twitter account has been officially suspended. But Kangana’s popularity is so much that other apps are ready to welcome her.

After being suspended from Twitter Kangana is supported by the founders of the Koo app and welcomed her on their social media platforms.

Last Words

Concluding all this, now her Twitter handle has been suspended forever, but even after this, Kangana’s voice is not going to stop. After the action of Twitter, Kangana is now ready to create swag on the indigenous app Koo. Now the native app Koo has also come out in favor of Kangana. When Twitter has left Kangana, she is being welcomed on the home-grown alternative Koo.

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