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Apply Yes Bank Home Loan At Lowest Interest Rate – Apply Yes Bank Home Loan Online Now

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Yes Bank offers interest rates ranging from 9.35% up to 10.50% per year for both salaried and self-employed individuals at personal Loans on flexible repayment. Customers can buy dream homes at lowest rates, EMI, flexible tenure and minimal charges.

Why should you choose a Home Loan from the Yes Bank?

  1. Yes Bank is one of the 5th largest private banks in India and the bank headquarters is located in Mumbai and was founded in 2004. It is operating with 1122 branches spread out all over the country and 1220 ATMs.
  2. Applicant have facilities low processing fee that is set at 1% of the total home loan amount or a maximum of 10,000/-
  1. There are no pre-installment or part-installment charges for gliding rate credits. it delivers advance admittance to new homes as well as satisfies the requirements of a house redesign, a home advance top-up, and considerably more.
  2. A popular product amongst customers due to its attractive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. It caters to diversified Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Branch Banking, demands of Corporate, Business and Transaction Banking, and Wealth Management across the country.
  3. YES BANK Personal Loans allow you to fulfill your personal requirements instantly.  As the pace of interest is low, the EMI is effectively reasonable. the duty exemption for the advance EMIs paid during the monetary year.

Yes Bank Home Loan Types

  1. Home purchase loan.
  2. Home improvement loan.
  3. Home loan top-up.
  4. Home loan transfer.
  5. Home loans for self-employed.

  Features and Benefits of Yes Bank Home Loan

  1. Applicants don’t need any credit security, insurance or underwriter.
  2. Yes Bank offers Personal Loans on adaptable reimbursement. Applicants can pick advanced residency as long as 5 years.  A borrower can utilize an online adding machine and pick the reimbursement structure as indicated as an approach.
  3. Borrowers simply need to fill the structure on the web and right away your application will be recognized for qualification achievement. When your application is affirmed and you present the necessary records, credit payment will be handled within a couple of hours.
  4. Yes Bank works with moderate equilibrium moving of your significant expense Personal Loans at the most minimal pace of revenue.
  5. After effectively reimbursing 12 EMIs on your YES Bank Personal Loan, you can part prepay or abandon your home loan at an insignificant charge.
  6. The high loan amount offered at very attractive interest rates and No guarantor required for home loans with E-approval for home loans available. with other benefits include – doorstep service, faster processing, 24X7 customer care support.

The Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Interest rate to all applicants for Yes Bank Home Loan.


The qualification for a YES Bank individual advance relies upon different components like age, pay, other existing liabilities, and the quantity of years in the current home. applicants simply need to ensure that you present every one of the necessary records to guarantee a speedy application preparation.

  1. Age Criteria: Minimum 21 years up to a maximum of 60 years
  2. Identity proof such as passport, driving license, Aadhaar card, voter ID)
  3. Address proof such as Aadhaar card, Pan Card, Passport
  4. Income Proof – Your salary slips for last 3 months
Particulars Details
Interest Rate (in p.a.) 8.95% – 11.80%
Loan Amount ₹5Lakh-500Lakh
Tenure Upto 25 years
Processing Fee 1 Year to 5 Years
EMI Bounce Charges 750+ GST


Apply for Home Loan Online Yes Bank


Step-1 Go to the YES Bank official website and log in to your account (only if you are an existing loan customer) and check the pre-approved loan offers.

Step-2 Fill your basic details and you need to fill as per the details mentioned on the website.


You can visit your nearest branch and the applicant is required to provide identity proof, income proof, and address proof of existing residence.

The complementary number to get to if the client is an occupant Indian is 1800 2000. The number can be gotten to through landline and cell phones. Unfamiliar nationals or non-inhabitant Indians (occupants outside India) can arrive at the client care work area utilizing the number +91 22 30993600

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Instructions to Apply for a Home Loan at YES BANK

Answer: People can apply for a Home Loan at YES BANK face to face at a branch or on the web. To discover more insights regarding applying for home Loan at YES BANK people can message YES HL to 9223390909 or call YES BANK at 1800-419-1717.

Question 2. Would  I be able to reimburse my Yes Bank Personal advance prior?

Answer: Dispossession or early installment of Yes Bank Personal Loan is allowed after the fruitful reimbursement of 12 EMIs. If it’s not too much trouble, check the relevant charges shared previously.

Question 3:  What amount of time does it require for Yes Bank Personal Loan to get handled?

Answer: YES Bank submits fast endorsement inside 5 days of receipt of credit application. Anyway, the evaluation is liable to finish documentation accommodation. You can get quicker preparing for pressing prerequisites.

Question 4: What is the least EMI offered per lakh on Yes Bank Personal Loan?

Answer: Albeit, the pace of revenue on Personal Loan relies upon a few factors; the most minimal EMI per lakh on Personal Loan by Yes Bank is 2174

Question 5: How to apply for part installment office?

Answers: Yes Bank permits part prepayment of a Personal Loan after fruitful installment of 12 EMIs. You can apply for part installment either on the web or by visiting the closest branch.

Question 6: How to apply for part installment office?

Answer: Yes Bank permits part prepayment of a Personal Loan after fruitful installment of 12 EMIs. You can apply for part installment either on the web or by visiting the closest branch.

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