SBI Credit Card Benefits, Features, Hidden Benefits, How To Apply SBI Credit Cards Online

SBI Credit Card Benefits Features: A person holding an SBI Credit Card must have the knowledge of hidden benefits in it. Before applying for this card, know what are the benefits of an SBI credit card. All banks issue such cards, known as credit cards, to their customers to facilitate payment even in the event of insufficient balance. 

SBI Credit Card Benefits, Features, Hidden Benefits, How To Apply SBI Credit Cards Online
SBI Credit Card Benefits, Features, Hidden Benefits, How To Apply SBI Credit Cards Online

This can be very beneficial for credit card users. In fact, the user should know how to use a credit card. Generally, a credit card holder gets a variety of benefits, in addition, to reward points, special bonus points, on the amount spent by him.

Presently, SBI is offering many different types of benefits and many attractive offers on credit cards issued to its customers. 

Applicants who are considering to make a credit card, they must know the benefits offered by an SBI credit card. Let us know in detail regarding the benefits offered by an SBI credit card.

Benefits of SBI credit card

SBI bank issues several types of credit cards depending on the requirement. Through these credit cards, SBI offers many types of benefits to credit card customers. These benefits apply to almost all types of SBI credit cards.  

Benefits of SBI credit card

Below are the top 11 benefits of an SBI credit card.

  • Facility of online shopping of more than the amount deposited in the user account.
  • Facility of credit money by the bank in the account for online shopping.
  • Ease of Credit Score Build up on timely repayment of credit card usage amount.
  • Increase the chances of getting an easy loan from the bank if the credit score is good.
  • Reward point & cash back facility from credit card shopping.
  • The more shopping you do with a credit card, the greater the reward point & cashback.
  • Use the accumulated reward points again in the next shopping.
  • The bank will not take any charge from you if you are misguided by credit card shopping.
  • Many credit cards offer an exemption from annual charges.
  • SBI Credit Card and other credit cards provide EMI facility.
  • A monthly bank statement is issued after shopping with a credit card, in which there is a complete description of the shopping done by you. 
Features of SBI Credit Card
Features of SBI Credit Card

Features of SBI Credit Card

Before obtaining the benefits of SBI credit card, the user must be aware of the precautions related to the credit card. These precautions are as follows-

  • Cash Withdrawal Policy
  • Minimum Payment
  • Reward Points Redeem
  • Interest

1. Cash Withdrawal Policy

Extra interest has to be given by the user using the credit card to perform cash transactions through the ATM. Therefore, the customer should make distance from withdrawing cash through credit card.

2. Minimum Payment

In case the user does not pay the bill on time, the minimum amount must be paid. By paying the minimum amount, the customer can avoid Late Payment Charges.

3. Reward Points Redeem

Any credit card holder is given 2 to 3 years time to redeem the reward points.

These reward points cannot be redeemed after this time period. Therefore, the customer must redeem the reward points at the given time.

4. Interest

Credit card holders are given an interest free period. During this time period, no charge is taken on any kind of bill payment.

That is, any SBI Credit Card user can transact his bill during a fixed time period, on which there is no additional charge.

SBI Credit Card Benefits, Features, 1Hidden Benefits
SBI Credit Card Benefits, Features, 1Hidden Benefits

What are the benefits of SBI credit card

To get maximum benefits of SBI credit card, users should take precautions while using credit card. Any kind of negligence can put the customer in a debt trap.  

Actually, through a debit card, you can spend only the amount in your account. 

In contrast, a credit card gives you the opportunity to spend more than the amount in your account according to the credit limit.

To get maximum benefit from SBI Credit Card, the customer should focus on the following:

  • Managing daily expenses
  • Lowest risk on transaction
  • Helpful in case of emergency.
  • Build a good credit score for good profit.

1. Managing daily expenses

By regular regular management, the user can avail benefits by credit card in the following manner

  • To get the benefit from the credit card, the customer should take full advantage of the credit limit. 
  • For this, he should manage the regular precautions done by him and the regular expenses incurred by the customer should be done with the help of credit card. 

2. Lowest Risk on Transaction

There is a possibility of fraud while making payment with the customer. If users use a credit card, then the following risks can be avoided –

  • The risk of payment or withdrawal is usually higher in the debit card used by the customer.
  • Even the fraudster can fraudulently withdraw from the account of the account holder using the debit card.
  • On the contrary, a credit card protects you from such risks. In case of fraud with the customer through a credit card, the account holder gets the money back in his account within the stipulated time frame, but on the contrary the debit card holder has to wait a long time to get such amount back.

3. Helpful in case of emergency

The customer should use SBI Credit Card instead of debit card during any kind of emergency such as withdrawing more from the bank while hospitalizing someone or during loan processing. These are the biggest benefits offered in SBI credit cards.

You can get the following benefits by using a credit card in emergency-

  • Credit card can quickly solve your payment problem, in addition it also saves you from unnecessary time wastage. 
  • The credit card also gives you the ability to spend even with insufficient balance in an emergency period.

4. Maintain Good Credit Score for Benefits. Build a good credit score for good profit.

By following these steps, the credit card holder can do his credit score very well-

  • To make a better credit score, you must manage daily carefully through a credit card by the user.
  • Also, one should pay bills on time through credit card.
  • The amount spent by overdraft should be paid within the demanded time frame. 

The customer of SBI credit card gets a lot of benefits over a longer period of time by getting a better credit score.

What are the demerits of SBI credit card

Although credit cards have their own benefits, but if anything has some good, then there must be some bad things as well. We have already told you the benefits of an SBI credit card. Let us know what are the disadvantages of this credit card-

  • Most banks charge Hidden Charges & Fees on credit cards.
  • Banks charge you a separate fee in case of late payment.
  • The more time it takes for payment, the more money the bank charges you with interest.
  • The bank does not keep information about your payment while making payment on the international website.
  • Banks only keep data on the transactions you have done within the country. 
  • For spending more than the limit in shopping with a credit card, banks also charge extra and interest thereon.
  • If the credit card bill is not paid within the time limit, daily interest is charged on the total amount of the bill, which goes on increasing daily.


Through this article, we have tried to give information about various types of topics in SBI credit card features, precautions, how to get benefits from SBI Credit Card, SBI Credit Card disadvantages, etc.

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