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Gucci Is Selling Ladies Kurta For Rs 2.5 Lakhs

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The fashion clothing market has changed a lot in recent years. The market value of the fashion industry in 2020 was reported at $ 527.1 billion. There are many clothing brands in the market that have featured tons of beautiful and stylish fashion items. One of these brands is Gucci, but it is a luxury brand, which means it lacks affordability.

Gucci Is Selling Ladies Kurta For Rs 2.5 Lakhs credityatra

Yes, those words are true about the ladies Kurta being produced and presented in the market by the luxury brand Gucci. These garments are intended for wealthy women who want to dress in Indian casual wear i.e. ladies Kurta.

Being a fashion leader in the industry, Gucci had brought many fashionable items to the market, such as glasses, shoes, fashion accessories, and western dresses at exorbitant prices. And now this luxurious brand has offered ladies Kurta, especially for Indian culture. But as always, the prices are tremendously high.

Gucci Is Selling Ladies Kurta For Rs 2.5 Lakhs credityatra 1

However, Gucci is selling these ladies Kurta in the name of ‘Kaftans‘. And the price per piece ranges from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh. On the internet, people are giggling and enjoying the memes about these Kaftans. For instance, “such Kurtas are sold for Rs 500-500 on the Indian market”.

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According to experts, the designs of these Kaftans are 95% similar to our Kurta from Indian culture. From the basic structure to the floral embroidery, everything is inspired by Indian Kurta.

Some posts and people’s reactions to these so-called Kaftans offered by Gucci.

In one way or another, the designs of our Indian culture are being accepted by people all over the world. Although this Kurta is released in the name of Kaftans by Gucci, but everyone knows the history of such Kurtas with Indian culture.

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