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Does Mark Zuckerberg Still Write Code? How Good of a Programmer is Mark Zuckerberg Now?

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It’s pretty obvious that currently Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t write codes for his empire, Facebook. But don’t forget that Mark built this Facebook from scratch, thanks to his dedication towards coding. In an interview, he mentioned that “Code always does what you want and people don’t.”

mark zuckerberg code writing

The journey began with Harvard university, but could not end there. In 2006 he dropped out of college and started working out of his interest that resulted in Facebook, the giant modern tech company. Later, when the business needed attention towards its growth, Mark abandoned his coding and began to focus on Facebook’s growth strategy.

After all, Mark Zuckerberg is the current CEO of his empire, Facebook. Therefore, he could hire coding talents for his company and focus on growing the company. But even after all this, Mark spent his 150 hours building a Jarvis program on his own for his personal home. Although it seems frictional.

zuckerberg jarvis code

Jarvis, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest creation after a year of coding

After a lot of work , the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was able to show the world Jarvis, his new personal assistant based on virtual reality and if the name sounds familiar, it is the same as the assistant of Tony Stark’s character, who is behind the character of Iron Man.

According to Zuckerberg, he indicated that Jarvis is the product of a job that required 100 to 150 hours of his free time.

Jarvis may be asked to turn on the lights in a room or to start playing a certain song, though he still shows some glitches. Which was ironized by Zuckerberg in some videos posted on his Facebook account.

This project was conceived during a short vacation of the CEO of Facebook, in which he carried out his work as an engineer. The most complex part, and the one that Zuckerberg is most proud of, is Jarvis’s ability to understand some vagueness in sentences. Hit many times, miss a few.

mark zuckerberg at desk-60 minutes

In its current stage, Jarvis isn’t capable of doing much more than Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Home. 

Sometimes he understands the context of a sentence, sometimes he doesn’t. No matter how advanced the artificial intelligence efforts of the individual is behind them, but still the results at the moment are incomparable.

Achieving perfection is going to require a great deal of patience and a coordinated effort. Virtual assistants, by listening to us over and over again, can understand us better and better but in the end they are limited by many factors, including the support of the objects that we want them to control.

Mark could hire coding talents for his personal AI and promote it as his own created product. But still, Mark spent his 150 hours building a Jarvis program on his own.

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