Decoding Ratan Tata’s Startup Investments – List of Ratan Tata’s StartUp Investments

Ratan Tata has been investing in startup companies for the last few years. The former chairman of the Tata group said that his second criterion is to evaluate the founders of startups.

Ratan Tata is already established as a skilled industrialist. At the same time, they also work to support new entrepreneurs. The former Tata Sons chairman is encouraging young entrepreneurs by investing in different startups. Let us tell you which startups have Ratan Tata invested in so far…

Ratan Tata's startup investments
Ratan Tata’s startup investments

Ratan Tata invests in these startups

From rent houses to weather, Ratan Tata is investing money in every innovative field. But he invests only after seeing the potential of business ideas in India.

Ola electric

Ratan Tata has invested in Ola Electric for the purpose of promoting electric vehicles. Ola had announced to bring 10 lakh electric vehicles by 2022, after which he invested in this unit. However, it is not yet known how much investment he has made in this company.

Climacell (

The weather cycle is constantly deteriorating and in such a situation, the weather forecast is very important. This startup accurately predicts floods and other potential disasters. Climacell as a startup caught the attention of a large number of people and received nearly $ 70 million in funding. This startup was also funded by Ratan Tata.


Ratan Tata invested in Paytm in 2015. He took a small stake in One97 Communications and then accepted the role of Advisor at the firm.

Girnar Soft

Car, Bike, and Price’s parent company are Girnar Soft, directly involved with more than 8 motorcycles and car manufactures, accounting for 15-30 percent of sales. Also, the startup operates across the country with over 5000 dealerships. Ratan Tata has also invested in this brilliant startup.

Ratan Tata has also invested in this online eyewear store which is very popular among the people. This app, unique in its own way, has received a lot of love from people who wear eyeglasses.



Ratan Tata was the first to invest in Snapdeal in the e-commerce sector. Although there is no explicit mention of the amount of his investment, now Ratan Tata is the largest high-profile investor in this fiercely competitive e-commerce industry.

Urban Lader

It was started in 2012 by Ashish Goyal and Rajiv Shrivats. Two years later, Ratan Tata gave him the boost he needed. He invested in it. It is an online portal through which you can buy furniture.


Investing in health is the preferred job of investors nowadays. Ratan Tata is also second to none. He has invested in health and fitness startup, ‘Curefit’.


It is a platform online where you can take care of your pet. This platform connects pet enthusiasts, organizes many programs for them as well as gives people a lot of information about them by making them aware of the pet. Ratan Tata invested in this startup with his personal ability.


This startup works to provide room rentals to people in 6 cities. Until some time ago, Nestaway was only for single people, but now it has been brought in updated form for the needs of the family segment. This platform is being extended further.

Ratan Tata has also been investing in new companies for the last few months. So far they have invested in more than 10 new startups. Recently, Ratan Tata himself told what things he prefers for investing in a company.

Ratan Tata’s investment formula for new startups

Industrialist Ratan Tata told TiEcon, a program organized for young entrepreneurs, that we are going through a transformation. There is a completely new world here. Startups are a tangible form of creativity and innovative experimentation of young India. When evaluating an investment in a startup, I see if its business idea gets me excited.

The former chairman of the Tata group said that his second criterion is to evaluate the founders of startups. Honorary chairman of Tata Sons has been aggressively investing in startups. He has previously successfully invested in firms such as Snapdeal, Urban Ladder, Bluestone, CarDekho, MOST Technologies, Xiaomi and Ola.

Ratan Tata's investment formula for new startups
Ratan Tata’s investment formula for new startups

Experienced businessman Ratan Tata, who is looking at startup companies as a big investment opportunity, has become a big source of hope for young businessmen.

Ratan Tata is such a business leader, at least in India, if his name gets associated with any company, then it immediately comes up in the discussion. Right now this is happening with Karya too.

Karya’s founder Nidhi Agarwal is the latest example of this. The former head of Tata Sons has recently invested in this company selling women’s clothing on online platforms.

Karya’s founder Nidhi Agarwal is the latest example of this. In February this year, his father came to know from a newspaper report that Tata is investing in e-commerce start-ups. In a conversation with a newspaper, she says that her father advised that Tata can also be approached to invest in Karya. Nidhi did the same and just three months later, Ratan Tata also joined his company.

Progress of startups after the participation of Ratan Tata

This investment has again shown that Ratan Tata is currently looking at investing in e-commerce start-up companies as a big opportunity. This is the reason why new start-ups are also looking forward to this proficient industrialist of India. 

Many new entrepreneurs who have proposed to the Tatas for investment say that they usually talk on only two issues – the risks and the possibilities.

Karya benefited from Ratan Tata’s investment. The first and direct benefit was that he has now got the necessary funds to grow the business. Apart from this, with the addition of Tata’s name, this fashion portal is now making headlines in the media world.

Karya is the tenth startup in India in which Ratan Tata has invested. Tata Sons Chairman began investing in startups just a year ago. In March last year, he invested in Altroz Energy. This company working in the wind energy sector has been established by the students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tata has also invested in Urban Lader selling furniture through an online portal. Its founder Rajiv Srivats says in a report, “If the name of Tata joins you, then you get the immediate advantage that you are differentiated from the rest of the start-up crowd.” The advantage was not just that they got investment or recognition. The company is also taking full advantage of Tata’s business experience. Ratan Tata has discussed in some special sessions with top executives of the company, from furniture design, supply chain and customer experience.

How Ratan Tata evaluates startups for investments

According to a media report, Ratan Tata advises R Venkataramanan to close these investments or not to invest in any new start-up. He is the first to see any such proposal. After that it is sent to Ratan Tata. Many new entrepreneurs, who have proposed to Tata for investment, say that they usually only talk on two issues. Risk associated with start-up and its future prospects. Entrepreneurs have half an hour to talk. How much money is to be invested in a company, after crossing the first hurdle of negotiation, it is decided in the second phase.

Once the Tatas are ready for investment, the entrepreneurs also get an experienced guide along with them. Ratan Tata has also invested in online payment platform Paytm. Its founder talks to a newspaper and says that the way the Tatas provide guidance with investment is invaluable for new companies like them.

Ratan Tata is currently playing his second innings in the business world. He is the most respected business leader of India. It is said that a good leader is the one who prepares the leader himself. This industrialist in his group may have produced many leaders, but now by investing in other companies and sharing experiences with young entrepreneurs, he is looking ahead of his contemporaries on the pattern of being a good leader.