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150 Amazon Parcels That Did Not Order: Stunned American Girl!

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Isn’t it like a surprise gift if an item you don’t pay for is on your doorstep one day? One such incident happened to Jillian Cannon of New York, USA.

150 Amazon Parcels That Did Not Order Stunned American Girl! credityatra

Every day since June 5, the delivery man comes home with items from the Amazon site. This came as a surprise to Jillian Cannon because she did not order these items. But she took the parcels thinking that her business partner had ordered it.

One day when she met her business partner, he said that he had not ordered the parcels and that he did not know about them. Shocked to hear this, Jillian Cannon went to his house and checked the parcels.

150 Amazon Parcels That Did Not Order Stunned American Girl! credityatra 1

Back then, there was only the name of Jillian Cannon. No address. Then she thought something was wrong, contacted Amazon and reported the matter. However, this issue has not been resolved.

Jillian Cannon ignored the parcels but when Amazon couldn’t evaluate the problem. She unboxed all the parcels. Surprisingly, the masks were present in all the packages that arrived.

She vacated the house

Since then, she has left the house. After that, the woman who lives in that house where Jillian Cannon was staying said that she had also received a dozen more packages.

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They have all been for the mask. Thus she has called Amazon again. But they could not find the real address. Subsequently, she found a way to use all of these masks. Accordingly, she donated all of the mask to patients at the local children’s hospital.

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