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World Test Championship 2019-21: Prize Money details for Winner and Runner-up

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World Test Championship 21 Prize Money details: All eyes are on the ICC World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand to be held in Southampton, England. Here the ICC has announced the prize money to be given to all the 9 teams including the winning team in the final match.

World Test Championship 2019-21 Prize Money details for Winner and Runner-up credityatra

Have A Look At Prize Money

Prize money to the winning team – The team that wins the final will get a prize money of $ 1.6 million (about Rs 11.72 crore) along with the Test Championship mace.

Prize money to the runner-up team – The runner-up team will get $ 8 lakh (about Rs 5.86 crore) as a prize.

Third place team – The third place team will get a check of $ 4.5 lakh (approximately Rs 3.3 crore) as a prize.

Fourth place team – Prize money will be $ 3.5 million (about Rs 2.5 crore).

Fifth place team – 2 lakh dollars (about Rs 1.46 crore) will be given.

The remaining four teams will be given one lakh dollars (about 73 lakh rupees) each.

World Test Championship 2019-21 Prize Money details for Winner and Runner-up credityatra 1

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ICC’s Another Important Reveal

Apart from this, the ICC has made another big disclosure about the final match that all cricket lovers, including Team India, were waiting for.

What if the final match ends in a draw or a tie?

The ICC answered this question and stated what would happen in such a situation. The ICC said that in case the match ends in a draw or tie, both teams will be declared joint winners and the prize money given to both teams will be divided between the two. Likewise, the Test Mace delivered as a prize will also be shared jointly between the two. As long as they remain champions, both teams will share the mace.

Significantly, in the World Test Championship, 9 teams played Test cricket in a cycle of almost two years. In which the teams of India and New Zealand reached the final.

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