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When Will You Be Rich? A True Personality Test

Money isn’t everything, and the best things in life are free, right? No argument here but it can be a little hard to enjoy life when you’re strapped for cash. Maybe your financial troubles are just a temporary problem, after you finished this test, you’ll know for sure if you’ll ever be rich.

When Will You Be Rich A True Personality Test credityatra

When Will You Be Rich? A True Personality Test

Choose one option and keep track of the points you get for each answer.

1. You’ve just won a fortune in the lottery! What do you do next?

A) I’ll immediately start looking for a way to invest this money

B) Time to throw a bunch of parties, buy a yacht, the whole nine yards!

C) I’ll donate this money to charity

Answers: A) 30 points, B) 20 points, C) 10 points

2. Imagine you can have only two qualities. Which one will you choose?

A) Rich and greedy

B) Poor and beautiful

C) Average and smart

Answers: A) 30 points, B) 10 points, C) 20 points

3. Let’s say you get $20 a day for lunch at work or school. What do you do with this cash?

A) I’ll pack leftovers for lunch and save the money

B) Duh, spend it all on lunch. That’s what it’s for anyway

C) I’ll buy something else for myself

Answers: A) 30 points, B) 10 points, C) 20 points

4. You really really wanna buy something expensive. What do you do?

A) Grab my credit card and go for it!

B) I’ll wait until the price goes down and buy it then

C) I’ll probably start saving up for it

Answers: A) 10 points, B) 30 points, C) 20 points

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5. You have two weddings to attend next week, but you only have one nice outfit. What will you do?

A) I’ll just wear the same outfit twice

B) Buy another outfit of course!

C) If I find something inexpensive, I’ll buy a new outfit

Answers: A) 20 points, B) 10 points, C) 30 points

6. What kind of cell phone do you have right now?

A) The same one, I bought 4 years ago. If it ain’t broke…

B) Not he latest model, but it has all the necessary functions

C) Only the latest and greatest!

Answers: A) 20 points, B) 30 points, C) 10 points

7. What level of education would you like to have?

A) Degrees are overrated. I just hate studying a brunch of boring subjects!

B) I won’t stop until I get at least a Master’s degree

C) A Bachelor’s degree is quite enough for me to be successful

Answers: A) 10 points, B) 30 points, C) 20 points

8. What if someone gave you $1 million tomorrow?

A) I’d get started tackling the long list of things I’ve wanted to buy for ages!

B) That’d be great, but it wouldn’t change the person I am

C) I’d definitely become much happier!

Answers: A) 10 points, B) 30 points, C) 20 points

9. What would you do with an extra 100 bucks?

A) Invest it, ASAP

B) No need to spend it all at once. I’ll save it

C) Let the shopping spree commence!

Answers: A) 30 points, B) 20 points, C) 10 points

10. How do you fell about your current job or how do you think you will feel about it once you enter the workforce?

A) It pays the bills, and that’s good enough for me

B) I’ve managed to turn my hobby into a successful career

C) I love what I do even I don’t make a lot of money

Answers: A) 10 points, B) 30 points, C) 20 points

Time to sum it all up!

Time to sum up Will You Be Rich or Poor True Personality Test credityatra

  • If your final score is 100 to 150 points, you’ll have to run on Saving Mode.

Perhaps that’s because of a low-paid job or the fact that you blew through your last pay check on an elaborate shopping spree. If you carry on with your lifestyle you won’t become rich but that doesn’t mean you’re not a happy person! You love what you do, and you definitely know how to live in the moment! You take everything you can from life and pay it back with your positive attitude. Your moto is “Life’s short, so you better live it up!”

  • If your final score is 160 to 220 points, you’ll enjoy Financial Comfort.

Sure, you won’t be rolling in cash, but you life will be pretty comfortable financially. You won’t have to save money to buy something you want. You’ll always have enough money to pay your bills and maybe some leftover to afford nice things. In short, you won’t lack money, that’s for sure.

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  • If your final score is 230 to 300 points, go look in a mirror! Can you see a Future Millionaire?

If you keep going with your current mindset and lifestyle, chances are you’ll become very rich! Your hard work, patience and determination will pay off. And every penny you’ve put aside will bring back much more. You really have a lot to look forward to.

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