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This 65-year-old farmer has grown 3 thousand types of medicinal plants

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A person living in Orissa has cultivated medicinal plants in such a way that even PM Modi could not live without praising him. This 65-year-old man residing in Odisha’s Kalahandi district is creating buzz today by planting more than 3,000 medicinal plants in 1.5 acres of land.

This 65-year-old farmer has grown 3 thousand types of medicinal plants credityatra

Patayat Sahu, a resident of Nandol village in the district, has used organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers to grow these plants. Patayat Sahu, a farmer by profession, is today helping the local people and villagers to cure their diseases through these medicinal plants.

Was interested from a young age

It is worth noting that Sahu started learning about traditional medicine as a hobby at a very young age. However, as time passed, he started showing more interest in it. Talking to the media, Patayat Sahu has told that his grandfather was a Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) and after completing his studies, Sahu learned traditional medicine from him.

Today Patayat Sahu also has many manuscripts related to traditional medicine practices and medicinal plants. Although he does not charge any fees from the people who come for treatment, in such a situation, he accepts whatever money people give him.

Collected all the rare plants

Out of 3 thousand species of plants in his garden, Patayat Sahu has collected 500 rare species of such plants from different parts of India during his travels.

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