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Do You Know The Snow Room Of Antilia, World’s Richest House by Mukesh Ambani? Here’s How It Looks Like

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The Snow room of Antilia

The Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, is the richest man in India, with a net worth of $31.1 billion. He made his dream home Antilia by 2012 and has lived there ever since.The Snow room of Antilia

Antilia is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. The house was designed by architects from Chicago, Perkins and Will, and Leighton Holdings, an Australian-based construction company. It took four long years to build.
Interiors have been designed in a way that saves energy. It is the world’s second most expensive house after Buckingham Palace. The hanging garden around the building absorbs sunlight keeping the insides cool. The design of Antilia builds to survive an 8 Richter scale earthquake. 

The Snow room of Antilia

Mukesh Ambani’s house Antilia spans over 4,00,000 square feet and has 27 floors. The height of some of these floors is double that of an average single-story floor, making Antilia as high as a 40-storey building. The house cost $1 billion (including land prices and other factors). the going rate for real estate on this street is around Rs. 80,000 per square foot.
The luxury is stunning to see, and the detail put into building the house is fantastic. Here are the most intriguing facts about Ambani’s house.

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The Snow Room of Antilia:

Antilia, one of the rooms is ​an icy room, which is called the Snow Room. According to the English business newspaper ‘ET’, This room produces artificial ice. It said that the snow room has enough cooling capability to make you feel as if you are in the Alps (a mountainous region of Europe) in a short time!

Snow rooms have mountainous designs for a better atmosphere. It is completely sealed, and the temperature can reach below zero. In hot locations, they are considered helpful in making cold saunas a great experience. Snow rooms consist of a cooling plant, pump, fan, snow generating device, trimming and thermal protection and automatic machinery system. It helps beat the heat.

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