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How To Change Name After Marriage? Legal Process, Gazette, Documents And Affidavit

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How To Change  Name After Marriage? : The name of a person is his identity. But sometimes there also comes a time when you have to change your name. But they don’t know what is the legal process for name change in India and how the government reacts to their name change.

How to change the name after marriage, etc. Documents to update

Name Change Rule

You can change the name on a personal level but you won’t get any benefit because it cannot be legally recognized for you. If you want to legally change your name, there is a process for it. You must go for the Gazette if you want to change your name on legal documents.

What Is A Gazette?

Gazette is a type of newspaper, which summarizes all kinds of social events or you can even say that it is a kind of old multipurpose newsletter, which is no longer considered popular.

A gazette is a kind of government document that is of two types.

1) By the central government

2) By the state government

Through these two means, the government has made the gazette a medium of getting the right information to the people. This is a weekly magazine, famous for government information.

One is the central government and the other is the state government. Both in the government, when a government has to implement a law, they implement it through the bulletin. It is published every week as a brochure. You can use this gazette to change your name, religion, gender. {How To Change The Name After Marriage}

How To Change Name After Marriage
How To Change Name After Marriage

Purpose Of The Gazette

As we’ve discussed, whenever the state government or the central government has to implement a great law, they are implemented through the bulletin itself. The work of both governments is honorable within the gazette itself.

It is a brochure or magazine of each state government and the central government, which is printed every week. If you want, you can change your name, gender, surname, religion, etc. through the gazette itself. Even a mistake made in your documents can be easily corrected through a gazette. 

Many times it happens that the girl’s first and last names change after marriage, in such a situation, the name can be changed through the gazette. Many times you must have seen that people change their religion and get married, in this case you can also change it through the gazette itself. Gazette is mainly useful to change your first and last name to make any important documents. {how to change name after marriage in India}

Name Change Legal Process

To legally change your name, you must first know the information on how to change your name through newspaper advertising. If you want to change your first or last name, you must at least advertise in the newspapers. One must be the local language newspaper for that state and the other must be the English newspaper. To advertise in the newspaper, you will need to write an affidavit on the 10 rupee stamp paper. (Stamp fees may vary from state to state.) You can have an attorney to make these affidavits. {how to change surname after marriage in Aadhaar card}

How To Create An Affidavit To Change The Name

How To Create An Affidavit To Change The Name CreditYatra

  • The first is to write your name, address, and age on the affidavit.
  • In that affidavit, you will not forget to write that you are a citizen of India.
  • After that, you will write about how to change the first and last name.
  • Whatever new name you want for yourself, that name will need to be mentioned there as well.
  • Most affidavits are made in English only because they are printed in the English language.
  • A copy of the Aadhaar card must be attached to this affidavit, which will be proof of your Indian status.
  • Once this process is done, you can submit the affidavit to be printed in the newspaper.
  • To print an affidavit in a newspaper office, you will have to pay some fees and carry a copy of the newspaper and application for name change after marriage with you. {surname change after marriage affidavit format}
How To Change Name After Marriage
How To Change Name After Marriage

Reason For Name Change

In the name change process, when you advertise in a newspaper, you must also give a reason for changing the name in it. This is done so that if a person has any objections, he can take them to court. This is the reason why they are published in two newspapers so that people of all languages can study them and accept objections.

When your name ad appears in that newspaper, then you have to make another affidavit. It’s like the affidavit above, just one more paragraph is added to it. In which it is written why you want to change your first or last name. In this paragraph you have to give the reason for changing the name. 

Apart from this, you must also submit a request on behalf of To, the controller of the publication. The reason must also be written on it. You should submit this application along with all your necessary documents to the state and district Comptroller’s office of publication.

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Documents For Name Change Process

During the process of renaming, you need some important documents.

  • Application
  • Affidavit
  • Copy of Newspaper
  • Aadhar Card

Financial documents:

  • Bank Accounts, Bank Deposits, Loans, Insurance Policies
  • Credit report

Additional documents that need to be updated for change in names are:

  • Driving license
  • Permanent account number (PAN)
  • Voter’s identity card
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar

Time Frame For The Name Change Process

There are two steps in the renaming process. In the first phase, you have to advertise in a newspaper that takes three days. In the second phase, you apply for the name to appear in the Gazette of the Government. This process takes one to two weeks to complete. The gazette of the state or central government is published only once a week. {Is there a time limit to change your name after marriage}

The process of changing the name is easy but it costs a little time and money. In this, you have to pay a fee to get the affidavit and to publish the name in the gazette. You can easily change the name with the help of a good lawyer.

How To Change The Name In A Study Document?

If you want to change your first or last name on the central board of a university, after the name change process, you can change your first and last name with a copy of the newsletter. For this, it will be mandatory to have a copy of the newsletter. After this, you can easily change your first and last name. But CBSE does not accept the gazette’s recognition in this case and does not even change the name.

For your name change to be valid, it is important to keep all documents correctly and change your name to the corresponding bank registration certificates and any other documents. It is also seen that even after the completion of the process it is not considered necessary to notify the Gazette. All government employees in India have the necessary rules for bulletin notifications. On the basis of which the work is performed.

The process of renaming through the gazette is not difficult. As it is seen that people do not usually change their name, even though there is a need to change the name. Must remember that any name, religion, gender etc. can be changed through this process in a very cooperative way. Until the process is complete, care is taken that the information is not incomplete in any way. The first and last name change process should be done only when family members also agree.

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