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Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India | Top 9 Plans List

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If seen, no matter how much we earn in life, all that money is always less for us. Because the expenses are too much to fulfill the shank. But if you want to live a better life then you must learn to save or invest along with expenses. Today we want to tell you about SBI Life Insurance in this article. SBI Life’s savings plan gives an individual the motivation to move forward.

Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India Top 9 Plans List credityatra

Under this SBI insurance, your life insurance cover is also linked together. Therefore this SBI Life Insurance is a very good and reliable insurance. After getting this insurance, you can plan your child’s education, business, trip, or building the house of your dreams.

For that, this SBI Life Insurance will help you a lot. So today we are going to tell you some special things about SBI Life Saving Plans in this article.

9 Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India

Given below is the 9 best SBI Life Insurance Plans List, you can take any of these SBI Life Insurance Plans

  1. SBI Life – Smart Women Advantage
  2. SBI – Smart Swadhan Plus
  3. SBI Life Smart Humsafar
  4. SBI Smart Money Planner
  5. SBI Life-Flexi Smart Plus
  6. SBI Life-Smart Guarantee Savings Plan
  7. SBI Child Plans
  8. Smart Champ Insurance
  9. Smart Scholar

1. SBI Life – Smart Women Advantage

State Bank of India Life Insurance is much better for women. You should understand it like this that, this scheme has been made keeping women in the focus. Hence the name of this scheme is Smart Women Advantage. SBI has introduced this scheme recently. Due to this scheme, women get life insurance cover for whatever they invest because nowadays serious diseases can be seen in women.

This SBI Life Insurance will help in all of them. Even SBI Life has said that this plan is going with the women benefit. In which the concept related to health has been included. Such as when women are pregnant and the complications they have to face at that time or the serious diseases that occur at that time. Or other than that, they have other problems.

Here SBI Life Insurance will give them the benefit. Apart from this, the income tax section which has been fixed for both health benefits as well as life insurance cover under this policy. That is 80D and 80C. Whatever benefits are there under this section, they will be given to women.

2. SBI – Smart Swadhan Plus

Now the next plan that we are describing here has 2 benefits. The first advantage is that it will give you safety throughout your life, which means, it will be active as long as you are alive. Then it will refund 100% of the total base amount paid for the entire period as the claim amount.

Apart from this, there is another benefit of this plan that the person will also get tax benefit on his premium payment due to section 80C. Apart from this, due to section 10, he will also be given maturity money.

3. SBI Life Smart Humsafar

SBI Life Smart Humsafar is a joint life, non-linked, participating endowment plan, which is also very good for everyone and especially the best scheme for couples. In this, the benefits of savings and insurance cover for both the married couple i.e. husband and wife will be available. This is the first time that such a plan has been found in which both husband and wife will get the benefits of this plan together.

Otherwise, whenever an insurance scheme comes out, both husband and wife have to take separate plans. But under this plan, both husband and wife will get benefits together. The first advantage is that the minimum bonus in this plan for the first 3 years is 2.50%.

And if either of the spouses dies or there is an accident, then at the end of the maturity of this policy, the other partner will be given full amount.

Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India Top 9 Plans List credityatra 1

4. SBI Smart Money Planner

Now we are going to talk about the next SBI Life Insurance plan. That is, whatever your family’s regular income is, you will get the benefits of security under this plan.

Along with this benefit, SBI Smart Money Planner offers the facility of full life cover and regular income after all premium payments. Apart from this, it also gives you life cover with it for free without paying any premium.

5. SBI Life-Flexi Smart Plus

Now let’s talk about Flexi Smart Plus plan of SBI Life Insurance. This plan helps you to give height to your dreams and it will also give you full benefits as per the ever changing needs.

The minimum bonus interest rate of 1.00% p.a. is guaranteed for the entire tenure. Apart from this, the provisional bonus interest rate will be declared at the end of the year. All this be covered under this policy and the best advantage is that whenever you need money, you can withdraw that money from this policy.

6. SBI Life-Smart Guarantee Savings Plan

Whatever you save or whatever you invest in Smart Guarantee Savings Plan, you get a lot of benefits. Along with this, the policy gives you the advantage of having insurance coverage for your entire family. If you get this savings policy, you will get many benefits inside it.

Like at the end of every year according to the premium amount, you will get a boost under this policy and the biggest thing is that the person who gets this policy will have to pay the premium only for a limited period of 7 years.

7. SBI Child Plans

We have talked about many plans of life insurance, now let’s talk a little about the child plans too. SBI has also introduced insurance plans for the children so that they do not get left behind because of money in their future and career.

So one by one we will know all about the child insurance plans. SBI has two insurance plans for children, let’s know about them in detail.

Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India Top 9 Plans List credityatra 3

8. Smart Champ Insurance

Smart Champ Insurance is a non-linked savings plan which is useful for the future studies of your child. This plan provides life insurance cover as well as benefits (after attaining the age of 18 years) in 4 annual installments.

Major Features-

Unfortunate event cover: If the insured person dies before maturity, then his family members are given the sum insured which is 105% of the sum insured.

  • Security: Some amount is provided to the family to meet any immediate calamity.
  • Entry Age: Life Insured: 18-50, Child: 1 to 13
  • Policy Term: 21- Child’s entry age
  • Sum Assured: 1 lakh to 1 crore rupees

9. Smart Scholar

This plan is an individual unit-linked plan that helps in securing the future as well as the returns of the financial market.

Major Features-

In your absence, this policy provides dual benefit of the child. High insured amount and inbuilt premium payment.

  • Accident Benefit: Sudden Death Benefit, and Permanent Disability Benefit.
  • Premium Paying Term: 5 to 25 years
  • Policy Term: 8 to 25 years
  • Entry Age: 0 to 17

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SBI Term Plan Insurance

Best SBI Life Insurance Policy in India Top 9 Plans List credityatra 2

Let us now also know about some term plans which can give you good benefits if you choose the plan wisely. SBI has only one term plan.

“SBI Life– eshield”

This plan comes with an individual non-linked, non participating pure risk. If you are concerned about the financial protection of your family then this plan is perfect for you.

  • Level Cover Benefit
  • Increasing Cover Benefit

Accelerated Terminal Illness benefit is available in both the plans.

1. Level Cover Benefits

  • Under this, the sum assured of the policy remains the same throughout the policy term.
  • You also get protection against terminal illness.
  • If unfortunately death occurs during the policy or diagnosis of terminal illness, whichever is earlier. So you get the insured amount and the policy will lapse.

2. Increasing Cover Benefit

  • Under this, the sum assured will increase every 5 years at 10% simple interest rate.
  • Here also you get the terminal illness protection.

Maturity Benefit

  • Under the eshield term insurance plan, you do not get maturity benefit.
  • Entry age: 18 years old.
  • Maturity age: 80 years for level cover, 75 for increasing cover.
  • Basic Sum Assured: 35,00,000 (Multiple of 1,00,000)
  • Premium payment mode: yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly.


  • If you do not smoke, you also get a discount on the premium.
  • Medical second opinion.


You can buy this policy online sitting at home.


Provides financial security for your family.


You get two structures within one plan. You can choose according to your need.

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