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Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online – Opening Procedure, Forms and Latest Offers

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Bajaj Financial Securities Demat and Trading  Account Opening | Demat and Trading Account |Know All About New Demat Account Opening Charges, Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), Form, Refer & Earn, Review, Customer Care Contacts and Many More.

Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat  Account a Nutshell :

Want to trade in stock market of India and are very naïve to this field than all you need is to open a Demat Account ! In this pipeline Bajaj Finance Securities Demat Account is a worthy option to select. Before we go on this journey to know all about  Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Account. Here are some key points to know :

Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online
Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online

Bajaj Securities Review :

cIn Indian Stock Market Bajaj Finance Securities is very famous name. They provide very discounted offer with their Demat Account. The main supervisory body in stock market under which Bajaj Finserv Securities works is Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Bajaj Finserv have registration with many active  depositories like CDSL, NSDL, AMFI along with some NSE and BSE Stock exchanges. This way they offer a variety of trading in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Securities, Derivatives, Equity, and Deposits etc.

Bajaj Finserv is dedicated towards best customer services to its customers. To have a detailed account of its feature, Let us move ahead.

  1. Spectrum of investment : Where you can Invest In?

There are multiple products where can be invested in with the Bajaj Finserv Online Demat Account Options are as follows :

(A).  Initial Public Offer (IPO).

(B). Open-end Professionally Managed Investment  Fund, Yes!  You are Right these are  Mutual Funds.

(C). Trading of Currency.

(D). Debt Funds Securities.

(E). Bond Funds Securities.

(F). Economic Goods (Commodities)

(G). Trading of Currency.

(H). Exchange Traded-Funds.

2.Depository Participants (DP) Account :

There are Two depository  Participants  :

(A).  Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

(B).  National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL).

Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online
Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online

What is a Demat Account? | Demat account Meaning ? |What is Dematerialized Account? and Why to have an Demat Account open?

Demat Account is a short form of Dematerialized Account. A Demat Account is an electronic format of an account which is used to hold shares and securities. A demat account is known by its name because in it, shares are controlled in electronically not physically. So we can say that a demat account is to make the share trading easy and  convenient. One need to have an demat account opened with a Depository to trade in share market. In India CDSL and NSDL  works as Depositories. There are some other companies which works as Depository Participants, DP Account Intermediaries or Stock Brokers as well, Bajaj Financial Securities, a subsidiary company of Bajaj Finance Limited is one of them.

About Bajaj Capital Demat Account !

 As we discussed recently, Bajaj Financial Securities is a subsidiary company of Bajaj Finance Limited, Founded in 1964, Headquartered in Pune Maharashtra, India. Till the date Bajaj Finserv Securities has earned a reputation in Stock trading and Securities business  because of its fine services and 24 x 7 Customer support. As a final destination of financial services Bajaj Finance Securities comes on top as it is ultimate destination of all financial needs one can have.

Bajaj Finserv  has a big customer base almost 1.6 Million+ Clients trades with it. To serve such a huge customer base Bajaj Securities has its physical presence in 1359 plus towns till now.

Further, You are suggested about all the Key point which tells you Why to choose Bajaj Finserv Securities as your Financial partner? Make sure to go through all the article to gain a thoughtful insight.

Focal Points to Select Bajaj Finserv Demat Account | Key Benefits of Demat Account with Bajaj Finserv Securities :

If you going to open a demat account with Bajaj Finserv Securities than you will get the following benefits :

  1. Zero Account Opening Charges : Currently there is no chargeable fees to open an demat account with Bajaj Finserv Securities . However in some cases Account Maintenance Charges are very less charge almost equal to 899/-INR. to open demat as well as Trading account. Your fees of AMC can be discounted if you trades in high volume or are prospective trader.

2.Hassel Free Monitoring and Tracking : With the Bajaj Finserv Securities you can manage your account very softly and can access from any where. Stock holdings and trading can be Monitored online with the comfort of customer.

3.Availability of Funding Margin  : Here at with the Bajaj Finserv Securities you can enjoy their Margin Offers. For specific facilities Margins are provided up to 9 -10 times.

  1. Nominal Account Maintenance (AMC) Plans : There is nominal AMC fees currently almost 899/-INR + Taxes. But under some plans there is very less fees. You can also get lifetime access of account under some specific plans with very less fees.

5.Trade Recommendation : On timely manner you get experts review on your trading habits. Also you can use some tools which provides investment suggestions. With the help of these tools you can do a research before finalizing investment.

6.Data Analysis based Report : Bajaj Finserv Securities shares Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Special reports. These reports are based of Data Analysis related to share trends. One can easily go through these reports to know the investment trends of market before taking ahead step. Actually these reports are Fundamental as well as Technical support of trader.

7.Member of Different Stock Exchanges : Bajaj Finserv Securities is a member of the following Stock Exchanges :

(A). Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

(B). Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

8.Depository Participants  : Bajaj Finserv Securities is Depository participants with Central Depository Service Limited (CSDL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online
Bajaj Financial Securities Online Demat and Trading Account Open Online

Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat New Account Opening Online : Step-by-Step Guide :

 pening of demat account with Bajaj Finserv Securities is very simple and just 5-6 minutes process. Here, below we are suggesting the simple step by step guide to open a demat account with Bajaj Finserv Securities.

1.First of all you need to click on the “Bajaj Finserv Securities Online Demat Account” link below.

2.After this a new form will open that prompts you to fill some details like Your Name, Mobile Number, Email address and City.

3.Now in this step, when all above details are filled , you will get a call form Bajaj Finserv executive to guide you through account opening process. This way you will be shared a online KYC link.

  1. When you browse the KYC link shared. A form requiring to fill the basic details will open. Here you will fill some related details as below :
  2. Customer Name.
  3. His / Her Mailing Address.

III. Mobile Number.

  1. Personal E-mail ID
  2. Address.
  3. Annual Income Details.

VII. And Bank Account Details etc.

5.In this step check all the details filled by you are correct. Now click on ‘Submit’ Link.

6.Now , This step will ask you to upload your related documents these includes :

I.PAN Card Details (A Must Documents).

  1. Recent Photo Graph.

III. Signature.

  1. Aadhar Card as Valid Address Proof.
  2. Bank Account Passbook Address Page or Cancelled Check etc.

7.Once Your account KYC details are correct and are found OK in verification process. Your account ID will be issued and notified to you through your mail or SMS. If there is any issue with document uploaded you will be contacted  by sales executive on call  from Bajaj Finserv Securities.


8.On getting the Demat Account ID, You can start your online Trading immediately.

Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat New Account Opening Offline :

Here is how you go to open an offline demat account with Bajaj Finserv Securities. For this purpose you need to visit the local office of Bajaj Finserv Securities. Please don’t forget to carry all your necessary documents  (Mentioned above in online process) with you.

This way of opening a demat account will take time as you need to physically present at the local office of Bajaj Finserv Securities. Here you need to show all your documents to the executive to upload them by him / her but in online process all the uploading work is done by you manually.

One important thing  is that whether you open the Demat Account by Online or Offline method. Just after getting account Id you will be eligible to open and use  Bajaj Finserv Securities Mobile App. This allows you a easy way to trade any time form anywhere.

Bajaj Securities Charges | Bajaj Finserv Demat Account Charges | Bajaj Finserv Securities Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)  :

There is no Demat Account opening Charges / Fees  with Bajaj Finserv Securities.  Bajaj Finserv has two depository Participants as CSDL and NSDL.

Bajaj Capital Account Charges  :

  1. Account Opening Charges : No Fees.
  2. Demat Annual Maintenance Charges (DAMC) : 899/- INR + Taxes or Free.

iii. Transfer Out of the Market : 30/-INR or 0.02% plus taxes.

Iv. Dematerialization Charges : 50/-INR per Request + 50/-INR per certificate.

  1. Rematerialization Charges : 35/-INR per Certificate + 25/-INR per Statement.
  2. Demat Account Closure / Invocation / Pledge or Unpledged Charges : 35/-INR plus Taxes.
Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Account Subscription Plans :

 1.Begineer Subscription Pack :

  1. Yearly Charge : 500/-INR plus GST.
  2. Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) : 899/-INR plus GST.

2.Professional Subscription Pack :

  1. Yearly Charge : 999/-INR plus GST.
  2. Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) : 899/-INR plus GST.

3.Freedom Subscription Pack :

  1. Yearly Charge : No charge (Free).
  2. First Year AMC : Free.

iii. After 2nd Year onward : 365/-INR plus GST.

Bajaj Finserv Securities Online Trading Account :

 Opening of Trading Account is a compulsory thing for all the customers who want to invest. For this trading each transaction is provided UID (Unique Identity) by Depository Participants.

Some basic features of trading account are :

1.Trading account will provide you easy and hassle free trading experience.

2.Trading Accounts are opened for Free.

3.Trading can be done by many tools like Mobile App, Online trading, Trading Trough Mobile Browser etc.

4.IV. Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for Initial year are equal to ZERO (depends on different subscription plans).

5.Registered Investor can use Analysis tools to support their trading experience.

6.Instant Updates of markets in real time, Different latest Stock rates updates will help you to take real-time decisions on your stock sell, buy  and holdings.

7.Recommendations and Suggestions will also be provided to smooth your trading journey and support your decision approach.

8.With one account at Bajaj Finserv Securities you can access all segments and exchanges and earn Bajaj Securities Margin. This way you need not to open multiple accounts.

To Summarize : Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Account Decision | Bajaj Capital Demat Account Conclusion :

As per the discussion in this article Bajaj Finserv Securities comes out as leading stock market player. Hence, stood out on top among all financial players. They keeps in mind the customer satisfaction and provide best services. So in our point of view its a good value making decision if you decide to open a Demat Account with Bajaj Finserv Securities. Have a Good time with Them.

Click Here to Bajaj Securities Franchise.

Already Have an Account Click Here for Bajaj Capital Demat Account Login.

Click Here for Bajaj Securities Brokerage Calculator

Click Here for Bajaj Securities Career

Bajaj Securities Customer Care Contact Information :

 Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Customer Care Number : 18008338888.

  1. Registered Office Address : Bajaj Auto Limited Complex, Mumbai-Pune Road, Akurdi Pune – 411035, Maharashtra.

III. Corporate Office Address : Bajaj Financial Securities Ltd., Unit-2, Tower B, Second Floor, Mantri IT Park, Opposite Inorbit Mall Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune- 4110114, Maharashtra.

  1. Email Address :
Frequently Asked Questions  : Bajaj Finserv Securities Online Broking

 1.Is there any Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Account Opening Charges ? | Does Bajaj Finserv Charge Demat Account Opening Fees?

Ans. No! Opening of Bajaj Demat Account is Free. No charges to open the Demat account.

2.What are Bajaj Finserv Securities Broking Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) ?

Ans.  AMC in Bajaj Securities is either Free or with very nominal charges of almost 899/- INR + GST per year (Begineer + Professional Pack). In Freedom Pack its 365/-INR + GST for second year and First year AMC is free.

3.How can I Open Bajaj Securities Demat Account Online ?

Ans. The process of opening a Demat account with Bajaj Securities is very simple and just a click away from here, all you need to do is to click on the “Open Demat Account Link” Only. Than follow instruction and you will have the account opened.

4.What Documents are required to open Bajaj Finserv Broking Demat Online Account ?

Ans. The documents required to open Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Online Account are PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Photograph, Cancelled Check / Bank Pass Book if check not available these are documents to clear KYC.

5.Is Permanent Account Number (PAN) is compulsory document to open Demat Account ?

Ans. Yes ! PAN is compulsory document to open a demat account. It is used to link your  your Bank account to the Trading or Demat account.

6.Is Aadhar card Or Aadhar number a compulsory document to open Bajaj Securities Finserv Demat Account?

Ans. Yes! Aadhar is basic primary must document to open demat account. This works as proof of address and identity. To open a fully activated Demat account you need to pass the document verification online.

7.What is the process to open Demat Account for NRI ?

Ans. The procedure to open Demat Account for NRI is same but they need some additional documents.

8.What Documents are required for an NRI to Open a demat account?

Ans. Following Documents are Required for an NRI to Open a Demat Account :

  1. Filled online Application Form.
  2. Passport Copy.

III. Visa Copy.

IV.PAN Card.

  1. Address proof of abroad Residence.
  2. Photograph.

VII. Canceled Check of NRE / NRO Account.

VIII. Declaration of FEMA.

9.Is Bajaj Finserv Securities Best Demat Account to Trade in stock market ?

Ans. Yes Of course ! Bajaj Capital is one of the Best Demat Account stock broking company to trade with.

10.How to Close Bajaj Securities Demat Account ?

Ans. The only way to close Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Account is to visit any nearest Bajaj Securities branch and get Demat Closure Form and fill it. With this form you need to clear all dues. You can also download Bajaj Finserv Securities Demat Closure Form online.

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