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Axis Bank Zero Balance Savings Account, Features, Interest Rates

Axis Bank Offers Basic Savings Account and Small Basic Savings Account which is a Zero Balance Savings Account under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

Axis Bank is a private bank and has been providing banking services since 1994. Currently, It’s India Third Largest Private Sector Bank and Overseas Banking Operations in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, etc


The Bank has focused on strengths in Retail banking, Corporate Banking, Trade Finance, Syndication, Investment banking, and Liability businesses to become an advanced new generation bank.

Customers can access through 4,528 domestic branches (extension counters) with 12,044 ATMs & 5,433 Bank representatives connected through pan India till 31st March 2020.

As of now in Axis Bank Managing Director, and CEO is Mr. Amitabh Chaudhry. It’s headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Axis Bank offers a range of accounts including Basic Savings Account, Regular savings accounts, and Premium accounts to customers. Here is how we need to get Axis Bank Zero Balance Savings Account.

Types of Axis Bank Savings Accounts

1. ASAP Instant Savings Account

2. BURGUNDY Savings Account

3. Easy Access Savings Account

4. Prime Savings Account

5. Prime Plus Savings Account

6. Women’s Savings Account

7. Senior Privilege Savings Account

8. Future Stars Savings Account

9. Pension Savings Account

10. Trust/NGO Savings Account

11. Insurance Agent Account

12. Youth Account

13. Basic Savings Account

14. Small Basic Savings Account 

15. Priority Account – Resident

16. Priority Account – NRI

17. Inaam Personal Account

18. Krishi Savings Account

Features of Basic Savings Account

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana scheme

  1. Zero Balance Facility Means No Penalties of Monthly, Quarterly, and Half Yearly account balance if not maintain.
  2. Free RuPay Debit Card to withdraw from atm and other payment gateways.
  3. Earn Interest Rate from 3.0% to 4.0%* on your balances.
  4. You can deposit your cash in the nearest Branch.

Benefits of Basic Savings Account

Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana Scheme

1. You will transact through 4,000 Axis Bank Branches and 14,000 Axis Bank ATMs for your transactions.

2. Stay updated for your account through e-statements, passbook, and more.

3. Individual, Joint Family, and Joint Account Type can choose to open.

Eligibility Criteria of Basic Savings Account 

 For Individual 

1. Two Latest Passport Size Photo.

2. Single Documents a person’s identity Proof required if Both Permanent Address and Identity of the Applicant for Example Passport, Driving license and Aadhar Card, etc

3. Both Address Proof is required if Mailing and Permanent Address is different.

 For Hindu Undivided Family

1. Documents of Form 60 of HUF/Aadhaar Card.

2. Proof Karta Identification and address as per Individual with Declaration of Karta.

3. Collective Signed of all Member in Prescribe Joint Hindu Family letter 

Joint Account

1. Anyone can share his/her identity and address proof.

How to Open Basic Savings Account and Small Basic Savings Account?

The applicant can fill the inquiry form a Bank Representative call-back or Visiting Nearest Bank Branch.

Things need to keeps in mind while opening Basic Saving Accounts 

1. Nominal fees and charges may be applied for Opening Basic Saving Accounts.

2. Transitional Limitation of Rs. 1,00,000 for shopping and Withdrawal Limits Rs. 40,000 at ATMs is the maximum in a day.

3. Maximum 4 Transaction in per month via Branch/ATM, NEFT/MobileBanking/NetBanking, etc

Features, Benefits, Eligibility, and How to open of Small Basic Savings Account (PMJDY scheme)

The same as it is Basic Savings Account except for additional Rs 1,00,000.00 Personal accident insurance add in Small Basic Savings Account.

For detailed information contact Axis Bank



1. Who Can Apply for Basic Savings Account and Small Basic Savings Account?

 Any Indian Citizen Individual having completed 18 years.

2. Can we open an online Basic Savings Account and Small Basic Savings Account?

No. Only through Branch

3. Is there any minimum balance have to maintain in the account?

Definitely Not.

4. I have already a regular savings account can I apply for this?

No. you can choose to convert into this under the consent of Axis Banks Guidelines.

5. I want to know more about the fees and charges for my Savings Account?

 You can visit Bank Officials Website.

6. Can I get a free RuPay Debit Card?


7. Is there my account safe and secure?

Security in The Axis Bank has been taken on the topmost priority.

8. Are there any Offers & Discounts available in this account?


9. How can I add money into my savings account?

You can choose Branch Cash Counter, Cash Deposit ATM, Cheque, NEFT, UPI, and More.

10. Is there any Transaction limitation in this account?

Yes. withdrawal limitation 4 in a month.

11. What are the Benefits of a Zero Balance Account?

No Condition of Maintaining Average Balance in the Account, Free RuPay, Digital Banking Services, and Many More

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