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Amazon: Five Things We Know About New Boss Andy Jassy

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Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced Tuesday that he will take a step back throughout the third quarter of 2021.

Amazon Five things we know about new boss Andy Jassy credityatra

In a letter to employees, Bezos explained that he will resign as CEO and focus on “new products and the early phase of new initiatives” starting in the next quarter.

His replacement will be Andy Jassy, current CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the technology giant’s cloud platform.

Here are 5 facts about the new CEO, based on what a dozen employees and former employees of the company told in interviews.

1. Jassy has been with Amazon almost as long as Bezos: 24 years

Jassy joined Amazon in 1997, almost the same time span as Bezos. This 53-year-old Amazon CEO used to work at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the past two decades and became its CEO in 2016. Jassy seems to be one of the most powerful leaders, not only in the cloud, but in the business world.

2. He is a close companion of Bezos

Jassy has served as Bezos’s shadow advisor on occasion, joining the Jeff Bezos at high-level meetings. In his letter to the staff announcing his departure as CEO, Bezos said that Jassy will be an exceptional leader.

3. He is one of the highest paid executives on Amazon

Jassy has reaped more than 20 million dollars in the last 3 years. In 2016 alone, Jassy made about $ 36 million while Bezos only made $ 1.7 million, according to CNBC. Currently, his estimated wealth is around $ 400 million.

4. He does not mince words when it comes to talking about politics or social issues

Amazon Five things we know about new boss Andy Jassy credityatra 1

Jassy has spoken out against the murders of African-Americans by the police and in favor of the judicial decisions that have declared some cases of discrimination against the LGBT community illegal.

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5. It was speculated that he could be named CEO of Microsoft or Uber

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once probed Jassy into the possibility that he was his replacement at the Seattle firm. It was also rumored that Jassy could be named CEO of Uber to replace Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of Uber until his departure from office in 2017.

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