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According to Chanakya, These 6 Types of People Can Never Become Rich

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There are many things in Chanakya Niti Shastra for the welfare of human beings by following which a person can touch the height of success. In this Niti Granth, there is a repository of knowledge and experience of Acharya Chanakya in the form of formulas, which is extremely beneficial for the people. For example, this verse of Chanakya policy has been told about which people have poorness in their house.

Through one verse, he has explained 6 types of people who can never be rich. In such a situation, let us know who are those people whose hands will remain empty-

According to Chanakya, 6 type of people can never become rich

  1. Through this verse, Acharya Chanakya says that Lakshmi never dwells in the house of people wearing dirty and dirty clothes. Those people who always live in filth and do not keep cleanliness around them, do not have the blessings of wealth Lakshmi. Along with this, they are not liked by other people of the society and they face humiliation in every way.
  2. Further, Chanakya writes that a person who does not clean teeth, that is, does not brush teeth, also has to face poverty. Mother Lakshmi does not even like to look at him. At the same time, Lakshmi’s grace always remains on those who regularly brush teeth and keep teeth clean.
  3. Furthermore, people who eat more food than they are hungry, can never be rich. Humans who eat excess food also have to face health problems on a daily basis. The trouble and impoverishment caused by this makes a human being in poverty.
  4. According to Chanakya, people who speak bitter words also do not have enough money for long. He says that Lakshmi Maa is never happy with a person that hurts other people with his speech. Such a person is also deprived of the grace of the mother. These people have no friends, they make everyone their enemy with their behavior and bitter words.
  5. A person who sleeps all the time also gets distracted by the grace of Mother Lakshmi. According to Chanakya, Lakshmi does not have the grace of a person who is sleeping from sunrise to sunset time. Sleeping without reason is harmful to humans.
  6. At the same time, those people who make injustice, cunning or dishonest means of earning money and their income, they also do not remain rich for long and soon lose their money. For instance, they end up with deadly diseases.

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