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10 Ridiculously Crazy Facts About World’s Billionaires That Will Storm Your Mind

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In the world of capitalism, there is sharp growth in the wealth of various people which is unprecedented. Their personal net worth is in billions and hence  they are termed as billionaires. Here are 10 absolutely crazy facts about money and these money makers that will spin your mind for a moment.

  1. The total number of billionaires in the world is 2755
  2. The joint wealth of all these billionaires in 2020 is $8 trillion
  3. This joint wealth constitutes more than 60% of the total world wealth.
  4. If you make money at the rate of $100,000 a per month, it will take you around 2853 years to become a billionaire.
  5. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person for four consecutive years. He makes around $2,489 per second.
  6. World’s 8 richest persons have more wealth than the 4 billion poorest people on the planet.
  7. 92 Billionaires live in New York City alone.
  8. JK Rowling was the first female author to become a billionaire.
  9. The richest woman is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers with net worth $73.6 billion.
  10. Bill gates has given away $45.5 Billion to charitable causes

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