10 Budget Saving Smart Tips To Grow Your Monthly Income

Today, saving is becoming increasingly important in a scenario where our future is on the stake.

The first key to knowing how to save money, is to do it little by little: we must try to save small amounts, over a period of time. Your savings plan will likely be more successful if you work on making small changes each month first, rather than trying to make a drastic change in your lifestyle.

How to save money, how to stop spending the savings and how to better manage my expenses, are some of the questions we always ask ourselves when we want to start managing our money better. While everyone’s financial needs are different, anyone can set up simple systems to help themselves stop buying what they don’t need and in almost zero effort you can save the money which can be useful later.

10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings
10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings

10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings

Let’s take a look at the money saving tricks that will reduce your expenses and help you manage your money well without much effort:

1. Record your expenses

The first step or tip on our list of how to save money is to calculate how much we usually spend. That is, keep a record of all our daily expenses for a month (each coffee, newspaper, visit to the supermarket, etc). Once all the expenses have been noted, they must be organized by categories, such as: mortgage, services, food … and then you can make necessary changes in each spending category.

2. Use your bank’s mobile app

In line with the previous advice, having the information of the transactions of our credit card or knowing the status of the bank accounts, can help to have a better knowledge of what we spend. If we bank online, or use our bank’s mobile app, it may be much easier and easier to break down and shortlist our expenses.

3. Expense management

Organizing cost control is an important issue, since it depends on being able to save some money for the future. Today, with the boom in mobile apps, we can find applications for everything, even some that will help you better manage your expenses, income and even make savings forecasts.

4. Make a budget

Once we have an idea of ​​what we spend in a month, we can begin to organize our expenses by recording them into a workable budget. The budget must show a comparison of our expenses with our income , so that we can limit those unnecessary or excessive expenses.

10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings
10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings

5. Plan to save money

Now that we have created a budget, it is time to include a savings category in it. This item can be between 10 and 15 percent of income . If the expenses are so high that we cannot save, it is a clear indication that the time has come to cut back. To do this, we must identify and eliminate those consumptions that we consider non-essential and with what can be spent less.

6. Choose a reason to save

One of the best ways to save money is by setting a goal or reason for saving . Let’s start by thinking about what we want to achieve with our savings: from a down payment on a house or car, an emergency fund, a retirement plan, even a vacation. This way it will be much easier and it will not be uphill.

7. Make automatic transfers and open a savings account

This is an easy way to save without reducing a single expense: set up an automatic transfer of your essential expense per week or month, from your regular use account to a savings account.

Creating a savings account apart from our account where our salary settles, is a good strategy only if we do not want to end up spending what we have saved. First, we make the transfer of an amount “X” that we set monthly in our savings account, and then we can use our usual account for the rest of the month.

An upward trend in our savings account will encourage us to save more than a faltering history in our usual account statement.

10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings
10 Budget Tricks to Boost Your Monthly Savings

8. Save on household expenses and services

In addition to following a plan and making automatic transfers to a savings account, there are also small tips that have to do with the services we acquire or products we buy, which will allow us to increase our saved amount a little more, do you still have doubts about how to save money per month?

  • Energy : Avoiding an air conditioner is a great way to save a lot on your heating and cooling bill.
  • Insurance : Many people buy policies with different companies, such as home and car insurance. This often involves discounts, rewards and offers; The important thing is to know how to find and go for the best option.
  • Finance the house or the car : Avoiding any kind of large finance or credit is a great way to save a lot on your uncontrollable bill.
  • Mobile telephony and internet : Find a more affordable plan that allows you to save on services such as internet and mobile.
  • Make lists : It is incredible how planning a list of what we need to buy before going to the supermarket will prevent us from going home with an extra bag full of food that we will probably end up throwing away.

9. Choose a pension plan

The first key to saving money is to do it little by little: we should try to save small amounts, over a period of time.

Choosing pension plans is a form of “savings” for the future. The objective is that, when it comes to retirement, we cannot maintain our standard of living. So better plan that earlier to avoid any financial problems in retirement.

If you want to know more about the pension plans that currently exist in the market, we encourage you to research it well.

10. Daring to invest

If we are saving for the purchase of a house or for the education of your children, a good initiative may be to deposit that money in an investment account. While investments carry risks, they also create the opportunity to create returns.

There are several profitable investment options on the market that can be adjusted to different needs and budgets. You don’t need millions to invest in them.


As we have seen, small changes can mean big savings. If this list of money saving ideas may seem overwhelming, you don’t need to worry. We don’t have to try all of these tactics at once. Even if we only practiced a few of them, they would make a big difference to your savings.

Start small tweaks, changes in habits and goals, no matter how small! Even if you don’t save much right away, every Rupees you can save will gradually bring you closer to your goal.